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Material deprivation

We have not published material deprivation estimates for the financial year 2020-21 in the report below. This is because the 2020-21 data collection process was impacted by COVID-19, and for many breakdowns of headline estimates (including UK country estimates) it is not possible to make meaningful statistical assessments of trends and changes in the most recent year compared to the pre-coronavirus level.

We have instead published an article of measures of poverty (linked below) which describes the data quality issues, and presents Welsh poverty-related figures using the 2020-21 Households below average income data alongside confidence intervals and additional warnings. We are doing this to ensure full transparency, but advise against use of the unreliable 2020-21 dataset for Wales. Please refer to material deprivation data in the report below for the latest National Statistics for Wales.

The report here contains data on the percentage of children in Wales who are living in material deprivation and low income and the percentage of pensioners in Wales who are living in material deprivation (see metadata for more details).