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Adult lifestyles by year, 2020-21 onwards

Data Provider: Welsh Government National Statistics Adult lifestyles by year, 2020-21 onwards
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[Collapse]Smoking & e-cigarette useSmoker14141313
Never smoked56565858
E-cigarette user5.The data item is not applicable68
[Collapse]AlcoholAverage weekly alcohol consumption - none20.The data item is not applicable1917
Average weekly alcohol consumption - some, up to 14 units (moderate drinkers)64.The data item is not applicable6666
Average weekly alcohol consumption - hazardous (over 14 units, up to 50 (m) / 35 (f))14.The data item is not applicable1414
Average weekly alcohol consumption - harmful (over 50 (m) / 35 (f) units)3.The data item is not applicable23
Average weekly alcohol consumption - above 14 units (over guidelines)17.The data item is not applicable1617
Average annual alcohol consumption (units) - drinkers onlymean not %515.The data item is not applicable489508
[Collapse]Fruit & vegetablesAte no fruit & veg the previous day6.The data item is not applicable67
Ate some but less than 5 portions fruit & veg the previous day64.The data item is not applicable6465
Ate at least 5 portions fruit & veg the previous day31.The data item is not applicable3029
[Collapse]Physical activityActive less than 30 minutes in previous week32.The data item is not applicable3031
Active 30-149 minutes in previous week16.The data item is not applicable1414
Active at least 150 minutes in previous week51.The data item is not applicable5655
[Collapse]Body mass indexBMI under 18.5 (underweight)2.The data item is not applicable22
BMI 18.5 - under 25 (healthy weight)37.The data item is not applicable3637
BMI 25 - under 30 (overweight but not obese)37.The data item is not applicable3835
BMI 30+ (obese)24.The data item is not applicable2526
BMI 25+ (overweight or obese)61.The data item is not applicable6261
[Collapse]Combined healthy lifestylesFewer than 2 healthy behaviours7.The data item is not applicable78
2 or more healthy behaviours93.The data item is not applicable9392