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Out-of-work benefit claimants by GB country/English region, measure and year

Data Provider: Welsh Government National Statistics Out-of-work benefit claimants by GB country/English region, measure and year
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[Collapse]Client GroupStatistical Group typology is to present each person by the main reasons why they are claiming benefit. Each client is classified just once. [Filtered]
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DateAnnual averages or quarterly data which relate to a single point in time the reference date and provide a snapshot of claims at that point. The reference date is the last day of the month of the period in question. Data are not seasonally adjusted so any comparisons should be made year on year. [Filter]
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[Collapse]RateThe number of people claiming benefits as a percentage of the population aged 16-64.
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[Collapse]Great Britain13.713.513.613.
Great Britain[Expand]England13.112.812.912.612.612.412.412.