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Data Provider: Welsh Government National Statistics Overall passenger satisfaction with the provision of information about train times or platforms at Arriva Trains Wales stations by time of survey - up to 2019 only
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Spring 200619166578
Autumn 200617127076
Spring 200714137376
Autumn 200712147477
Spring 200813127479
Autumn 200813137480
Spring 20091188081
Autumn 20099118084
Spring 20101297983
Autumn 20109127883
Spring 20118137981
Autumn 201110118083
Spring 20128118184
Autumn 20127128186
Spring 20136118386
Autumn 20139108183
Spring 20146128286
Autumn 20148118184
Spring 20155108586
Autumn 20157118287
Spring 20166118387
Autumn 20167157884
Spring 2017598688
Autumn 20176128288
Spring 20185108588
Autumn 20187108384
Spring 201912138184
Autumn 20196108486



Overall passenger satisfaction with the provision of information about train times or platforms at Arriva Trains Wales stations by time of survey - up to 2019 only

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August 2020 August 2020

Next update

April 2021 (provisional)

Publishing organisation

Welsh Government

Source 1

Survey of Rail Passenger Satisfaction, Passenger Focus

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National Statistics

Languages covered

English and Welsh

Data licensing

You may use and re-use this data free of charge in any format or medium, under the terms of the Open Government License - see


Rail transport, statistical release:


Rail passenger Journeys Passenger satisfaction

Statistical quality

These statistics are used both within and outside the Welsh Government to monitor trends in rail transport and as a baseline for further analysis.
The information for these statistics is based on a range of household and individual surveys and on administrative data.

General description

This dataset gives information on the overall passenger satisfaction with the provision of information about train times / platforms at Arriva trains Wales’s stations. Information about passenger satisfaction with train services and station facilities comes from the surveys of rail users carried out by Passenger Focus. The survey asks the same set of questions about passengers’ experiences of using railway facilities and rolling stock in the Spring and Autumn of each year. Data are presented a sample size (number) or results of survey (percentage).

Data collection and calculation

Passenger satisfaction figures are collected by the National Passenger Survey (NPS) which provides a picture of customers’ satisfaction with rail travel. Passenger opinions of train services are collected twice a year from a representative sample of passenger journeys. Passengers’ overall satisfaction and satisfaction with 30 specific aspects of service can therefore be compared over time. Questionnaires are handed out at stations to passengers about to board a train, with a reply paid envelope provided for returning questionnaires. Fieldwork is carried out each spring (principally in February/March) and in the autumn (principally in September/October) over an 11 week period. Quotas for returned questionnaires, and weighting for the survey results, are set overall and by weekday/weekend, journey purpose and station size based on information from each Train Operating Company (TOC). This sample design and weighting ensures that data is representative of all passenger journeys made on each TOC. National results are constructed by combining data for all TOCs together, weighting by number of journeys.
Approximately 33% of questionnaires that are given out are returned each survey. Returned questionnaires are checked to confirm that details provided are for a real journey and then the questionnaire response is assigned to the appropriate Train Operating Company (TOC).
Details of the compliance of this survey with National Statistics standards can be found at: survey itself can be found on the Passenger Focus website:

Frequency of publication


Data reference periods

These statistics relate to passenger satisfaction survey results in Wales and Great Britain up to 2019

Revisions information

Data for previous periods are routinely updated. Data for the current financial or calendar year may be revised with the release of next year’s data set.