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Data Provider: Welsh Government National Statistics Number of lorries and unaccompanied trailers passing through Welsh ports to the Republic of Ireland, by port
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2020[Collapse]All6169496.The data item is not applicable851
AllInward3233649.The data item is not applicable418
Outward2935846.The data item is not applicable434
2019[Collapse]All3946464.The data item is not applicable567
AllInward2122635.The data item is not applicable281
Outward1823929.The data item is not applicable286
2018[Collapse]All3444972.The data item is not applicable556
AllInward1821640.The data item is not applicable274
Outward1623333.The data item is not applicable282
2017[Collapse]All3545068.The data item is not applicable553
AllInward1921838.The data item is not applicable275
Outward1623230.The data item is not applicable279
2016[Collapse]All2842374.The data item is not applicable524
AllInward1620640.The data item is not applicable262
Outward1221733.The data item is not applicable262
2015[Collapse]All3139466.The data item is not applicable492
AllInward1819036.The data item is not applicable244
Outward1320430.The data item is not applicable248
2014[Collapse]All3236162.The data item is not applicable455
AllInward1817234.The data item is not applicable224
Outward1418928.The data item is not applicable231
2013[Collapse]All3032660.The data item is not applicable416
AllInward1815532.The data item is not applicable205
Outward1217128.The data item is not applicable211
2012[Collapse]All2930155.The data item is not applicable386
AllInward1714230.The data item is not applicable189
Outward1216025.The data item is not applicable197
2009[Collapse]All3427368.The data item is not applicable375
AllInward2012537.The data item is not applicable181
Outward1414832.The data item is not applicable194
2008[Collapse]All4932486.The data item is not applicable459
AllInward2715145.The data item is not applicable223
Outward2217341.The data item is not applicable236
2007[Collapse]All5333794.The data item is not applicable484
AllInward3015249.The data item is not applicable231
Outward2318545.The data item is not applicable253



Number of lorries and unaccompanied trailers passing through Welsh ports to the Republic of Ireland by port

Last update

November 2021 November 2021

Next update

October 2022 (Provisional)

Publishing organisation

Welsh Government


National Statistics

Lowest level of geographical disaggregation


Geographical coverage


Languages covered

English and Welsh

Data licensing

You may use and re-use this data free of charge in any format or medium, under the terms of the Open Government License - see

Statistical quality

Timeliness and punctuality
The statistics presented covers traffic to and from ports in Wales.

Comparability and coherence
The Department for Transport produces a range of statistics relating to the maritime sector presenting information on domestic waterborne freight, ports, sea passengers, shipping fleets and sea farers.


Sea transport, ports, Irish Republic

General description

This dataset gives details on the number of lorries and unaccompanied trailers passing through Welsh ports to the Irish Republic, by port, up to the year 2020. Data are presented as the volume of traffic (thousand tonnes) at ports in Wales.

Data reference periods

The statistics relate to cases in Wales from 2005 up to the year 2020.

Revisions information

Data for previous periods are routinely updated. Data for the current financial or calendar year may be revised with the release of next year’s data set.


Sea transport, statistical release: