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Data Provider: Welsh Government National Statistics The number of casualties by junction detail, type of vehicle, severity, date, highways agency and area
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[Collapse]Total1,5301,5111,6471,5066,194(r) 1,2231,4181,6761,4515,768
TotalRoundabout[Collapse]All severities141138156132567116114140154524
All severities[Expand]KSI14181316611315221565
[Expand]Slightly injured12712014311650610399118139459
T Junction or Y Junction[Collapse]All severities3503503823451,427(r) 2633134413661,383
All severities[Expand]KSI55435750205(r) 44518766248
[Expand]Slightly injured2953073252951,2222192623543001,135
Slip road[Collapse]All severities19173521922315161468
All severities[Expand]KSI32441324.39
[Expand]Slightly injured16153117792111161159
Crossroads[Collapse]All severities1167592113396949812292406
All severities[Expand]KSI1951216521422181569
[Expand]Slightly injured97708097344807610477337
Not at a junction[Collapse]All severities7637578157373,0726247357947112,864
All severities[Expand]KSI152170166137625132156178164630
[Expand]Slightly injured6115876496002,4474925796165472,234
Other junction[Collapse]All severities141174167158640103143163114523
All severities[Expand]KSI2535242010416264925116
[Expand]Slightly injured1161391431385368711711489407


The number of casualties by junction detail, type of vehicle, severity, date and police force area

Last update
September 2019 September 2019

Next update
October 2019

Publishing organisation
Welsh Government

Source 1
Reported road accidents system, Welsh Government

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National Statistics

Lowest level of geographical disaggregation
Local authorities

Geographical coverage

Languages covered
English and Welsh

Data licensing
You may use and re-use this data free of charge in any format or medium, under the terms of the Open Government License - see

General description
The statistics refer to casualties resulting from personal injury accidents on public roads reported to the police and forwarded to the Welsh Government. Road Accident Data contains details of the accident, the number of vehicles involved and information on casualties.
Accident data contains: the description and location, the number of casualties and vehicles, severity of accident, type of road and contributory factors.
Vehicle description: includes details of vehicle type, age of driver/rider.
Casualty description: provides details of the severity of casualty, casualty class and age.
The Data Dictionary provides a detailed breakdown description of the variables that are included in all three categories.

Data collection and calculation
The police compile statistical data about road traffic accidents and casualties (called Stats19 data) for the Welsh Government and the Department for Transport (DfT). This follows police attendance at accidents that involve any personal injury, together with members of the public reporting personal injury accidents directly to the police. The figures are based on information available to the Welsh Government 14 weeks after the end of the latest quarter. The Stats19 data are a set of numeric and alphabet characters.
A casualty is defined as, a person killed or injured in an accident. One accident may give rise to several casualties. Casualties and accidents are subdivided into killed, seriously injured and slightly injured categories.
Casualties reported as killed include only those cases where death occurs in less than 30 days as a result of the accident. They do not include those who died as a result of natural causes (e.g. heart attack) rather than as a result of the accident, nor do they include confirmed suicides.
The classification of each accident is the most seriously injured casualty. For example if there are 5 casualties but only 1 fatality, the accident is classed as a fatal.

Frequency of publication

Data reference periods
2015 to 2018

Users, uses and context
There are a variety of organisations that use the Welsh road traffic accident and casualty data. The Welsh Government uses road traffic accident and casualty data to help set road safety policy. It is also used for performance indicators, both for the Welsh Government’s Transport Strategy and for some Health Performance indicators. They are also component indicators in the Welsh Government’s Child Poverty and Sustainable Development indicators.
Other users include Highway Authorities (on behalf of the Welsh Government, which is responsible for the motorway and trunk road network) and Local Authorities (which are responsible for other roads in Wales). Other bodies involved in road safety include the Safety Camera Partnership, Trunk Road Agents, and Police & Community Safety Partnerships.

Revisions information
Statistics for 2018 were first published on 27 June 2019. Revised statistics, showing a higher number of fatalities than had initially been published, were issued on 25 September 2019.

Statistical quality
The figures shown may change in future if there are late amendments. Similarly, the figures for earlier years may differ from those previously published. The figures cover only road accidents reported to the police involving personal injury.
This data is obtained from administrative sources and thus may be affected by changes in procedures within those systems.
There is some possibility of under-reporting and under-recording as well as for the misclassification of accidents though these are minimised by local authorities and the Welsh Government conducting a number of data validations. For example, Welsh Government data analysts may query the location of an accident with a police force when the grid reference of an accident is in a different local authority to the one specified in the data return. These issues are discussed in more detail in a Statistical Article ‘Quality Report for Welsh Road Casualties’.
This article also summarises the sources and methods used to compile the road accident and casualty figures for Wales. It also reviews the quality of the resulting figures in terms of the six dimensions of statistical quality of the European Statistical System. The aim is to provide background information about road casualty statistics for Wales in a single document for all users of the published statistics. It is available from the following link:

Transport Road Accidents Collisions Fatal Killed Serious Slight Police Police-recorded