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Data Provider: Welsh Government Licenced taxis and private hire vehicles by local authority and survey year
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2021[Collapse]Wales1,2083,3614,569276.The data item is not applicable4,3514,5947791,6939,43211,4349,163
Wales[Collapse]North WalesIsle of Anglesey167680.The data item is not applicable192020014014088
Gwynedd322953270.The data item is not applicable6270230501501397
Conwy18871050.The data item is not applicable13914553167204371250
Denbighshire131972100.The data item is not applicable43531529290319263
Flintshire2240.The data item is not applicable319344750513513348
Wrexham3403457.The data item is not applicable397410514410531444
[Collapse]Mid and South West WalesPowys81001080.The data item is not applicable218231640493493339
Ceredigion21351370.The data item is not applicable2326160224224163
Pembrokeshire152172320.The data item is not applicable2331130389389263
Carmarthenshire282943220.The data item is not applicable111136330518518458
Swansea2841023860.The data item is not applicable5185333801,0281,028919
Neath Port Talbot721702420.The data item is not applicable4346280313313288
[Collapse]South East WalesBridgend152963110.The data item is not applicable100113340530530424
Vale of Glamorgan289910.The data item is not applicable112124240308308215
Cardiff5393999380.The data item is not applicable1,0441,08511202,3222,3222,023
Rhondda Cynon Taf112562670.The data item is not applicable99103460472472370
Merthyr Tydfil0152152219.The data item is not applicable4747241190338199
Caerphilly162562720.The data item is not applicable7486230407407358
Blaenau Gwent71101170.The data item is not applicable1120158158118
Torfaen1843610.The data item is not applicable125134190216216195
Monmouthshire294960.The data item is not applicable6980270218218176
Newport890890.The data item is not applicable765776399371881,125865



Licenced taxis and licenced private hire vehicles by local authority by year of survey

Last update

April 2022 April 2022

Next update

April 2023 (Provisional)

Publishing organisation

Welsh Government

Source 1

Taxi Licencing Authority, Department for Transport

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Geographical coverage


Languages covered

English and Welsh

Data licensing

You may use and re-use this data free of charge in any format or medium, under the terms of the Open Government License - see

General description

This dataset gives details on the licences taxis and licenced private hire vehicles by local authority as of March 31st 2021. Data are presented as the number of vehicles and drivers licenced for taxis, fleet licenced, drivers licenced and operators licenced for private hire vehicles and the number of dual licence holders in each of the local authorities in Wales.

Data collection and calculation

Public service vehicle information is derived from annual returns made to the Department of Transport (DfT) by a sample of 700 holders of Public Service Vehicles operators licences (“the PSV survey”). This survey provides information on passenger journeys, vehicle miles, passenger receipts and operating costs. Separate smaller surveys managed by DfT collect information about fare changes, service reliability and quarterly patronage from the larger bus operators. Full details of the data sources and methods used can be found in the guidance:

Frequency of publication


Data reference periods

These statistics relate to cases in Wales up to March 31, 2021

Users, uses and context

The DfT bus statistics represent the most comprehensive single source of official data on the bus industry in Great Britain and are used both within and outside the Welsh Government. It provides data which is used in monitoring trends, developing policy and providing accountability for the subsidy provided to the industry at a high level.

Revisions information

Data for previous periods are routinely updated. Data for the current financial or calendar year may be revised with the release of next year’s data set.


Public Service Vehicles, statistical release:


Taxis, Private hire vehicles

Statistical quality

The PSV survey uses imputation techniques to derive key figures for operators who were either not selected in the sample for that year, or who did not respond. On occasion, imputations for earlier years can be improved using directly-reported data for later years. Minor revisions to back-data can occur as a result, although trends are rarely affected substantively.

For the key indicators (passenger journeys and vehicle miles operated) the data provided by operator’s covers around, or above, 90 per cent of the total figure, with the remainder imputed. Comparison with other sources suggests that, at aggregate (Great Britain) level, the statistics are likely to provide a reasonably robust measure of levels and broad trends.

However, figures representing smaller groups of operators and single year on year changes should be treated with caution as these are more susceptible to measurement errors (for example, an inaccurate return by an operator, or a change in an operator’s method of producing the figures required) which are more likely to even out at the national level. Regional, and particularly local authority, level figures should be interpreted with caution.