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Data Provider: Welsh Government National Statistics National level population estimates by year, age and UK country
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Mid-year 1991[Collapse]All ages47,875,0352,872,9985,083,33055,831,3631,607,29557,438,658
All ages[Expand]Aged 0 to 159,658,008589,1771,020,94911,268,134416,53911,684,673
[Expand]Aged 16 to 6430,629,9001,790,6863,291,93335,712,519982,48236,695,001
[Expand]Aged 65 and over7,587,127493,135770,4488,850,710208,2749,058,984
Mid-year 2001[Collapse]All ages49,449,7462,910,2325,064,20057,424,1781,688,83859,113,016
All ages[Expand]Aged 0 to 159,908,394586,832970,37411,465,600397,53311,863,133
[Expand]Aged 16 to 6431,705,8261,817,3593,286,64536,809,8301,067,21537,877,045
[Expand]Aged 65 and over7,835,526506,041807,1819,148,748224,0909,372,838
Mid-year 2011[Collapse]All ages53,107,1693,063,7585,299,90061,470,8271,814,31863,285,145
All ages[Expand]Aged 0 to 1510,030,130555,841916,10311,502,074380,80611,882,880
[Expand]Aged 16 to 6434,347,3721,941,5243,487,43339,776,3291,167,75040,944,079
[Expand]Aged 65 and over8,729,667566,393896,36410,192,424265,76210,458,186
Mid-year 2016[Collapse]All ages55,268,0673,113,1505,404,70063,785,9171,862,13765,648,054
All ages[Expand]Aged 0 to 1510,529,100557,079915,91712,002,096388,00112,390,097
[Expand]Aged 16 to 6434,856,1261,921,4343,489,93140,267,4911,176,38141,443,872
[Expand]Aged 65 and over9,882,841634,637998,85211,516,330297,75511,814,085
Mid-year 2017[Collapse]All ages55,619,4303,125,1655,424,80064,169,3951,870,83466,040,229
All ages[Expand]Aged 0 to 1510,637,971559,260917,44212,114,673390,68412,505,357
[Expand]Aged 16 to 6434,950,9481,922,6363,494,79140,368,3751,177,17541,545,550
[Expand]Aged 65 and over10,030,511643,2691,012,56711,686,347302,97511,989,322
Mid-year 2018[Collapse]All ages55,977,1783,138,6315,438,10064,553,9091,881,64166,435,550
All ages[Expand]Aged 0 to 1510,748,458562,709919,50212,230,669393,51012,624,179
[Expand]Aged 16 to 6435,049,4671,923,9293,492,48440,465,8801,179,93441,645,814
[Expand]Aged 65 and over10,179,253651,9931,026,11411,857,360308,19712,165,557
Mid-year 2019[Collapse]All ages56,286,9613,152,8795,463,30064,903,1401,893,66766,796,807
All ages[Expand]Aged 0 to 1510,816,679563,835921,39712,301,911395,92512,697,836
[Expand]Aged 16 to 6435,116,5661,926,6683,497,75840,540,9921,183,01841,724,010
[Expand]Aged 65 and over10,353,716662,3761,044,14512,060,237314,72412,374,961
Mid-year 2020[Collapse]All ages56,550,1383,169,5865,466,00065,185,7241,895,51067,081,234
All ages[Expand]Aged 0 to 1510,852,240562,730916,78312,331,753395,81612,727,569
[Expand]Aged 16 to 6435,233,8791,938,2663,493,13740,665,2821,179,74541,845,027
[Expand]Aged 65 and over10,464,019668,5901,056,08012,188,689319,94912,508,638



Mid-year population estimates (1991 onwards), by Welsh local authorities, English regions and UK countries, by single year of age and sex

Last update

June 2021 June 2021

Next update

June 2022

Publishing organisation

Welsh Government

Source 1

Mid-year population estimates, Office for National Statistics

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National Statistics

Lowest level of geographical disaggregation

Local authorities

Geographical coverage

United Kingdom

Languages covered

English and Welsh

Data licensing

You may use and re-use this data free of charge in any format or medium, under the terms of the Open Government License - see

Statistical quality

See weblinks.

General description

This dataset provides population estimates for the local authorities in Wales, the English regions and the UK countries for the period from 1991 onwards by sex and single year of age, together with some aggregated age groups.

The mid-2020 population estimates are the first population estimates to show some of the impacts of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. However, these estimates refer to the population as at 30 June 2020, meaning that they only account for the first three months of the pandemic.
Future releases of the population estimates will provide information on the impact from mid-2020 onwards.
It should be noted that for mid-202 there are some definitional changes (particularly affecting the migration components) compared to mid-2019 populations estimates data and it is advised users read the Quality and Methodology Information section on the Office for National Statistics website.

This material is Crown Copyright and may be re-used (not including logos) free of charge in any format or medium, under the terms of the Open Government Licence.

Data collection and calculation

See weblinks

Frequency of publication


Data reference periods

Data are produced and reported annually and relate to the 30 June of each year from 1991 onwards.

Users, uses and context

The data presented here are used by central government departments and local authorities for a range of purposes including planning and monitoring of services and as denominators for the calculation of various rates and indicators.

Rounding applied

Data are provided on an unrounded basis although the Office for National Statistics advises that any results presented from these data are rounded to the nearest 100 where practical.

Revisions information

The data presented here reflect changes made to population estimates from 2001 to 2010 in re-basing the data to be consistent with the results of the 2011 Census (see weblinks).

This data set was revised on 3 May 2016 to correct an error of the age distribution in the council areas of Scotland.

Mid-2012 to mid-2016 subnational population estimates for England and Wales were revised on the 22 March 2018, following methodological improvements (see weblinks).


Population; UK Population; Welsh Population; Mid-year population estimates;