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Data Provider: Welsh Government National Statistics Population estimates by lower super output area and age group
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[Collapse]Total Welsh local authorities559,2601,922,636643,2693,125,165
Total Welsh local authorities[Collapse]Isle of Anglesey11,98639,99617,81269,794
Isle of Anglesey[Expand]Isle of Anglesey U0016,15619,6387,89433,688
[Expand]Isle of Anglesey U0025,83020,3589,91836,106
Gwynedd[Expand]Gwynedd U0015,49423,2474,97533,716
[Expand]Gwynedd U0025,65317,6686,24929,570
[Expand]Gwynedd U0035,04918,1949,03932,282
[Expand]Gwynedd U0044,62415,8427,70828,174
Conwy[Expand]Conwy U0014,01415,3708,66128,045
[Expand]Conwy U0025,35017,4807,76430,594
[Expand]Conwy U0034,72015,2317,82327,774
[Expand]Conwy U0044,84418,1137,49330,450
Denbighshire[Expand]Denbighshire U0014,92415,8937,45128,268
[Expand]Denbighshire U0026,30518,6216,93631,862
[Expand]Denbighshire U0035,98820,7578,28435,029
Flintshire[Expand]Flintshire U0014,41415,4456,44726,306
[Expand]Flintshire U0025,78718,5815,75130,119
[Expand]Flintshire U0035,66618,5784,92029,164
[Expand]Flintshire U0047,35623,7597,34538,460
[Expand]Flintshire U0055,33218,0427,73231,106
Wrexham[Expand]Wrexham U0016,78321,6627,09835,543
[Expand]Wrexham U0028,28926,5178,14542,951
[Expand]Wrexham U0035,63817,2685,09027,996
[Expand]Wrexham U0045,47317,4626,14629,081
Powys[Expand]Powys U0014,32615,9037,19627,425
[Expand]Powys U0026,07621,0808,69035,846
[Expand]Powys U0034,48016,1578,59629,233
[Expand]Powys U0056,41122,93010,67040,011
Ceredigion[Expand]Ceredigion U0015,99826,9819,14142,120
[Expand]Ceredigion U0024,87717,2648,81530,956
Pembrokeshire[Expand]Pembrokeshire U0015,19418,8789,07533,147
[Expand]Pembrokeshire U0028,57526,99610,18445,755
[Expand]Pembrokeshire U0037,55525,98412,27045,809
Carmarthenshire[Expand]Carmarthenshire U0015,16018,0858,06831,313
[Expand]Carmarthenshire U0025,58919,6088,32333,520
[Expand]Carmarthenshire U0035,26017,2016,74929,210
[Expand]Carmarthenshire U0045,33018,4688,17031,968
[Expand]Carmarthenshire U0055,89418,3486,43630,678
[Expand]Carmarthenshire U0065,66218,3765,72529,763
Swansea[Expand]Swansea U0016,56821,4846,62534,677
[Expand]Swansea U0024,68316,0545,14125,878
[Expand]Swansea U0035,82019,5654,89030,275
[Expand]Swansea U0044,70717,1784,85726,742
[Expand]Swansea U0056,90820,4595,73233,099
[Expand]Swansea U0064,47316,8197,68528,977
[Expand]Swansea U0075,01429,7234,83339,570
[Expand]Swansea U0083,79814,6787,78626,262
[Collapse]Neath Port Talbot24,73588,19629,159142,090
Neath Port Talbot[Expand]Neath Port Talbot U0024,74317,9936,98429,720
[Expand]Neath Port Talbot U0035,73720,0995,88131,717
[Expand]Neath Port Talbot U0044,69416,3045,33026,328
[Expand]Neath Port Talbot U0054,66716,7895,28426,740
[Expand]Neath Port Talbot U0064,89417,0115,68027,585
Bridgend[Expand]Bridgend U0016,90822,4346,91036,252
[Expand]Bridgend U0025,64520,6965,79432,135
[Expand]Bridgend U0037,92827,3848,06343,375
[Expand]Bridgend U0045,43518,9238,16832,526
[Collapse]Vale of Glamorgan24,12679,50027,064130,690
Vale of Glamorgan[Expand]The Vale of Glamorgan U0015,57619,4107,45932,445
[Expand]The Vale of Glamorgan U0025,06517,5976,95329,615
[Expand]The Vale of Glamorgan U0038,12024,7596,00638,885
[Expand]The Vale of Glamorgan U0045,36517,7346,64629,745
Cardiff[Expand]Cardiff U0015,37416,9516,83129,156
[Expand]Cardiff U0025,68118,4695,08729,237
[Expand]Cardiff U0036,24019,9096,33332,482
[Expand]Cardiff U0048,93824,3655,74139,044
[Expand]Cardiff U0056,02517,0945,14428,263
[Expand]Cardiff U0064,39322,9143,72531,032
[Expand]Cardiff U0075,45519,9713,50728,933
[Expand]Cardiff U0089,76324,6896,05840,510
[Expand]Cardiff U0094,15936,4043,61544,178
[Expand]Cardiff U01010,88244,2154,82459,921
[Collapse]Rhondda Cynon Taf44,659149,07945,389239,127
Rhondda Cynon Taf[Expand]Rhondda Cynon Taff U0015,74918,4095,55129,709
[Expand]Rhondda Cynon Taff U0025,63118,5746,19130,396
[Expand]Rhondda Cynon Taff U0034,86716,3435,20626,416
[Expand]Rhondda Cynon Taff U0047,87026,2928,70042,862
[Expand]Rhondda Cynon Taff U0058,89627,7327,92444,552
[Expand]Rhondda Cynon Taff U0064,44115,2304,59924,270
[Expand]Rhondda Cynon Taff U0077,20526,4997,21840,922
[Collapse]Merthyr Tydfil11,38337,46211,10859,953
Merthyr Tydfil[Expand]Merthyr Tydfil U0025,85320,1286,13332,114
[Expand]Merthyr Tydfil U0035,53017,3344,97527,839
Caerphilly[Expand]Caerphilly U0015,35217,7605,27828,390
[Expand]Caerphilly U0025,75719,0856,34131,183
[Expand]Caerphilly U0035,54819,6526,09031,290
[Expand]Caerphilly U0046,43520,8646,41833,717
[Expand]Caerphilly U0055,65017,6065,04728,303
[Expand]Caerphilly U0065,44017,1845,28827,912
[Collapse]Blaenau Gwent11,97343,74813,88869,609
Blaenau Gwent[Expand]Blaenau Gwent U0016,38422,7887,58736,759
[Expand]Blaenau Gwent U0025,58920,9606,30132,850
Torfaen[Expand]Torfaen U0015,95618,4265,60329,985
[Expand]Torfaen U0024,54316,5726,76727,882
[Expand]Torfaen U0036,53421,5226,34134,397
Monmouthshire[Expand]Monmouthshire U0018,47531,09711,75751,329
[Expand]Monmouthshire U0026,87524,14511,24142,261
Newport[Expand]Newport U0016,23019,9827,16133,373
[Expand]Newport U0028,59027,6157,46943,674
[Expand]Newport U0038,55524,4234,67737,655
[Expand]Newport U0047,57122,3556,85736,783


Population for small areas in Wales (2001 onwards), by broad age bands and gender

Last update
December 2018 December 2018

Next update
October 2019 (provisional)

Publishing organisation
Welsh Government

Source 1
Small area population estimates (SAPE), Office for National Statistics

Contact email

National Statistics

Lowest level of geographical disaggregation
Lower-layer super output areas

Geographical coverage

Languages covered
English and Welsh

Data licensing
You may use and re-use this data free of charge in any format or medium, under the terms of the Open Government License - see

General description
This dataset provides population estimates for the lower layer (LSOAs), middle layer super output areas (MSOAs), upper layer super output areas (USOAs) and local authorities in Wales. These estimates are consistent with the results of the 2011 Census and are available for the 2011 LSOA, MSOA and USOA geographic boundaries published in October 2012.

Super output areas (SOAs) were introduced in 2004 to improve the reporting of small area statistics. They are built from groups of census output areas, are of a consistent size and are not subject to boundary changes between censuses. Where possible they are formed from groups of socially similar households and align with local features such as roads and railway lines. The comparability and stability of the geography is a key benefit to users of statistics which cannot be provided by other small area administrative geographies such as wards or parishes.

Following the 2011 Census, some boundary changes to SOAs were required and the new set of SOA boundaries was published in October 2012, although the stability of the geography has been largely maintained.

Three hierarchical levels of SOAs are available in Wales. LSOAs were designed to have a population of between 1,000 and 3,000 in 2011, and there are 1,909 of them in Wales. MSOAs were designed as aggregations of LSOAs, have a population of between 5,000 and 15,000 in 2011, and there are 410 of them in Wales. USOAs are aggregations of MSOAs and were defined in conjunction with local authorities in Wales. There 94 of them in Wales and they are only defined in Wales.

Further information on SOAs, can be obtained from the geography section of the ONS website (see weblinks).

This material is Crown Copyright and may be re-used (not including logos) free of charge in any format or medium, under the terms of the Open Government Licence.

Data collection and calculation
See weblinks

Frequency of publication

Data reference periods
Data are produced and reported annually and relate to the 30 June of each year.

Users, uses and context
Population estimates for LSOAs, MSOAs and USOAs are often used for research and analysis as, unlike other small area geographies such as wards, they are specifically designed for statistical purposes. In particular, they are used by both central government departments and local authorities for a range of purposes including planning and monitoring of services and as denominators for the calculation of various rates and indicators.

Rounding applied
Data are provided on an unrounded basis although the Office for National Statistics advises that any results presented from these data are rounded to the nearest 100 where practical.

Revisions information
The small area data (at super output area level) presented here have been revised so that they are consistent with the population estimates produced at national and local authority level for the same period. They also reflect changes made to population estimates from 2001 to 2010 in re-basing the data to be consistent with the results of the 2011 Census (see weblinks).
The ONS published revised mid-2012 to mid-2016 estimates of the population on 22 March 2018 due to methodological improvements. Therefore the figures for mid-2012 to mid-2016 within the statswales cube have been revised.

Statistical quality
See weblinks

Population; small areas; LSOA; MSOA; USOA; super output area