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Data Provider: Welsh Government National Statistics Adult general health and illness by area deprivation, 2020-21 onwards
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Variable 1
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[Collapse]General healthHealth in general - Good or Very Good121131143151157
Health in general - Fair5249403733
Health in general - Bad or Very Bad272117129
[Collapse]IllnessLess detailed questions on illness were asked in 2020-21Any longstanding illnesses108101928881
2 or more longstanding illnesses5145353428
Limited at all by longstanding illness8879686254
Limited a lot by longstanding illness5443353022
[Collapse]Type of illnessSelected illnessesMusculoskeletal complaints4135323126
Heart and circulatory complaints2424202120
Endocrine and metobolic diseases1817151413
Respiratory system complaints2119171514
Mental health condition3628201716



National Survey for Wales - adult general health and illness by WIMD deprivation quintile

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October 2023 October 2023

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Welsh Government

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National Survey for Wales, Welsh Government

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National Statistics

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English and Welsh

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You may use and re-use this data free of charge in any format or medium, under the terms of the Open Government License - see

General description

Information on general health and illness of adults in Wales by WIMD deprivation quintile.

Data collection and calculation

Information is collected via the National Survey for Wales. Based on a sample survey. Sample sizes for some groups are relatively small, and the results should be treated with caution. 95% confidence intervals and sample sizes are also shown to give an indication of the precision of results.The National Survey 2020-21 was adapted due to the coronavirus pandemic, and results from 2020-21 onwards should not be compared with results from previous editions of the National Survey for Wales.
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Data reference periods

Data is shown from 2020-21 onwards.

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National Survey for Wales; National Survey; Well-being; Health; WIMD; Deprivation