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Data Provider: Welsh Government National Statistics Adult lifestyles by age and gender, 2020-21 onwards
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[Collapse]Smoking & e-cigarette useSmoker655731547060325860542950
Never smoked248219201227246213180219250224220234
E-cigarette user261871928176192418818
[Collapse]AlcoholAverage weekly alcohol consumption - none535066564643504659578164
Average weekly alcohol consumption - some, up to 14 units (moderate drinkers)211184181195202165173183220201187205
Average weekly alcohol consumption - hazardous (over 14 units, up to 50 (m) / 35 (f))305546424477686016352725
Average weekly alcohol consumption - harmful (over 50 (m) / 35 (f) units)610787159104755
Average weekly alcohol consumption - above 14 units (over guidelines)366653505191777021423130
Average annual alcohol consumption (units) - drinkers onlymean not %1,2001,8251,6341,5121,5392,4282,1821,9818131,2361,0781,021
[Collapse]Fruit & vegetablesAte no fruit & veg the previous day222012192322112021171217
Ate some but less than 5 portions fruit & veg the previous day187192202193180188198187194196206198
Ate at least 5 portions fruit & veg the previous day918886899789909385868285
[Collapse]Physical activityActive less than 30 minutes in previous week7210311894611021058584105129103
Active 30-149 minutes in previous week483844434234434053414447
Active at least 150 minutes in previous week180159139163198164152176163154127151
[Collapse]Body mass indexBMI under 18.5 (underweight)9346713410467
BMI 18.5 - under 25 (healthy weight)121921151101147110598127113124122
BMI 25 - under 30 (overweight but not obese)100117118110115138137128849510092
BMI 30+ (obese)708963746489557078887079
BMI 25+ (overweight or obese)171205180184179227192198162184170171
[Collapse]Combined healthy lifestylesFewer than 2 healthy behaviours183020221839242717211618
2 or more healthy behaviours282270280278282261276273283279284282


General description

Information on health related lifestyle among adults in Wales by age and gender.

Data collection and calculation

Information is collected via the National Survey for Wales. Based on a sample survey. Sample sizes for some groups are relatively small, and the results should be treated with caution. 95% confidence intervals and sample sizes are also shown to give an indication of the precision of results. The National Survey 2020-21 was adapted due to the coronavirus pandemic, and results from 2020-21 onwards should not be compared with results from previous editions of the National Survey for Wales. See weblinks.

Frequency of publication


Data reference periods

Data is shown from 2020-21 onwards

Users, uses and context

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Revisions information

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National Survey for Wales – adult lifestyle by age and gender

Last update

July 2023 July 2023

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Publishing organisation

Welsh Government

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National Survey for Wales, Welsh Government

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National Statistics

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Languages covered

English and Welsh

Data licensing

You may use and re-use this data free of charge in any format or medium, under the terms of the Open Government License - see

Statistical quality

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National Survey for Wales; National Survey; Future Generations; National Indicators; Well-being; Health; Lifestyle