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As the demand increases for statistics and data to measure the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had to change our data gathering and release practices, focussing efforts on priority analysis and statistics.

Data Provider: Welsh Government National Statistics Revenue outturn expenditure summary, by service (£ thousand)
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Schools expenditure (including delegated and non-delegated funding)2,872,099-246,5022,625,598
Non-school expenditure85,175-16,20968,966
Transport planning, policy and strategy26,926-11,19215,734
Highways and roads216,370-55,123161,247
Personal social services - children and families684,190-25,116659,074
Service strategy - adult services6,189-8445,346
Personal social services - older persons837,197-211,454625,743
Personal social services - adults aged under 65742,111-111,521630,590
Personal social services - other...
Cultural and heritage services80,718-45,93534,783
Library services40,639-3,21537,424
Recreation and sport123,359-48,76474,595
Open spaces71,985-16,11955,865
Cemetery, cremation and mortuary services16,429-18,225-1,796
Coast protection2,309-1382,172
Environmental health58,048-15,10342,945
Street cleansing (not chargeable to highways)55,899-2,26453,635
Community safety11,712-1,63410,078
Own flood defence and land drainage services6,611-4786,133
Own agriculture and fisheries services2,022-4,110-2,087
Trading standards/Consumer protection13,675-1,59212,083
Waste collection...
Waste disposal...
Building control10,539-7,1613,378
Development control24,862-16,7408,122
Planning policy12,235-1,32110,914
Environmental initiatives6,237-1,4924,745
Business support4,167-1,6742,493
Economic research249-148101
Economic development58,231-43,14815,083
Community development (county and county borough councils)30,323-3,08927,234
Magistrates' courts services...
Coroners' and other courts services6,312-3355,976
Housing strategy...
Registered social landlords...
Housing advice...
Housing advances...
Private sector housing renewal...
Housing benefit payments...
Housing council fund1,025,014-29,604995,410
Housing benefit administration...
Other council fund housing89,310-3,76785,542
Council tax benefit payment and related administration...
Local tax collection49,701-13,72935,972
Emergency planning...
Other central services to the public26,155-11,95114,204
Police services663,908-33,699630,209
Community fire safety...
Fire-fighting and rescue operations...
Fire service emergency planning...
Fire services150,534-5,833144,701
Fire service emergency planning and civil defence...
All other fire services...
National parks conservation...
National parks services16,817-5,20911,609
National parks planning...
National parks recreation and park management...
National parks promoting understanding and enjoyment...
Corporate and democratic core119,467-20,30699,161
Non-distributed costs/Unapportionable central overheads40,267-12,33627,930
Other central costs207,633-168,72638,907
Total service expenditure8,954,738-1,323,9377,630,801
Community council precepts41,640.41,640
Payments to/from fire authorities0.0
Levies to/from national parks0.0
Levies paid to the Environment Agency in respect of Local Flood Defence Committees0.0
Levies paid to the Internal Drainage Boards213.213
Levies paid to the Environment Agency acting as an Internal Drainage Board963.963
Levies paid to Sea Fisheries Committees...
Levies to national police services3,673.3,673
Other levies679.679
(Non-significant) surpluses/deficits on internal trading accounts not disaggregated to services-2,130.-2,130
Other adjustments to net current expenditure191.191
Net current expenditure7,676,029.7,676,029
Bad debt 'provision'-813.-813
Provision for repayment of principal (before application of the commutation adjustment)145,259.145,259
Commutation adjustment (enter as a negative any adjustment which reduces MRP and vice versa)-140.-140
External interest payments excluding any premia and discounts on debt rescheduling231,613.231,613
Premia and discounts on debt rescheduling5,038-4,302737
HRA 'item 8' interest payments/receipts133-67,888-67,755
Capital financing element within Private Finance Initiative (PFI) schemes21,689.21,689
Leasing payments (excluding any capital financing element within PFI schemes)1,128.1,128
Capital expenditure charged to revenue account111,210.111,210
Revenue expenditure funded from capital by statute (RECS)...
Pensions interest cost and expected return on pensions assets...
Appropriations to(+) / from(-) pension reserves...
Appropriations to(+) / from(-) financial instruments adjustment account321.321
Appropriations to(+) / from(-) unequal pay back pay account0.0
Appropriations to(+) / from(-) Accumulated Absences Account5,466.5,466
External interest on provision for credit liabilities (including 'set-aside' capital receipts), housing advances and other sources-12,262.-12,262
External interest receipts on HRA balances-130.-130
Community Infrastructure Levy0.0
Gross revenue expenditure8,112,349.8,112,349
less specific and special grants outside AEF (excluding council tax benefit and rate relief grants)...
Revenue expenditure...
less specific and special grants inside AEF...
less specific and special grants-1,963,509.-1,963,509
Net revenue expenditure6,148,840.6,148,840
In year council tax collection adjustment-13,970.-13,970
Other adjustments-413.-413
Appropriations to(+) / from(-) earmarked financial reserves (excluding schools' financial reserves)-21,680.-21,680
Appropriations to(+) / from(-) unallocated financial reserves8,959.8,959
Council tax reduction scheme (including RSG element)252,096.252,096
Budget requirement6,373,833.6,373,833
Budgeted net discretionary non-domestic rate relief paid for by council fund3,730.3,730
Budget requirement plus net council fund discretionary non-domestic rate relief6,377,562.6,377,562
less transitional grant...
less police grant allocation under principal formula-209,034.-209,034
less revenue support grant-3,304,967.-3,304,967
less council tax reduction scheme (including RSG element)...
less redistributed non-domestic rates income-1,050,000.-1,050,000
Aggregate of council tax precepts1,813,562.1,813,562
less council tax reduction scheme grant-252,096.-252,096
Amount to be raised from council tax payers1,561,465.1,561,465


Revenue outturn expenditure summary

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October 2019 October 2019

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October 2020

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Welsh Government

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Revenue outturn (RO) data collection, Welsh Government

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National Statistics

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Local authorities

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Local authorities

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English and Welsh

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You may use and re-use this data free of charge in any format or medium, under the terms of the Open Government License - see

General description
The Welsh Government conducts the revenue outturn survey. Data are available on net current expenditure for Wales by service category. The survey is conducted every summer with results available in October.

Data collection and calculation
The information presented here is collected via annual returns from Welsh Local Authorities.

Frequency of publication

Data reference periods
Data are shown for each financial year from 2002-03 onwards.

Statistical quality
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