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Data Provider: Welsh Government National Statistics Police authority budget requirement by police (£ thousands except where specified)
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Click here to sortBudget requirementBudget requirement.  The amount calculated by the authority under section 43(4) of the 1992 Act.  This is item R in section 44(1) of the 1992 Act.Click here to sortRe-distributed non-domestic ratesClick here to sortRevenue support grantClick here to sortPolice grantPolice grant - The amount which is payable into the authority’s police fund in respect of police grant under the principal formula, i.e. the amount specified for the authority in the Police Grant Report (England and Wales).Click here to sortCorrection to RSGClick here to sortSpecial grantClick here to sortAmount to be collected from the council taxThe amount to be collected from the council tax is the aggregate of the amounts of precepts calculated (under section 48 of the 1992 Act) as the amounts payable by billing authorities to the police authority for the year.Click here to sortCouncil tax base for police area (number of band D equivalents)Council tax base - The aggregate of the taxbase figures notified by billing authorities to the police authority (under section 33(1) of the 1992 Act or determined under section 33(6) of that Act).Click here to sortPolice council tax (£)Police Council Tax - The basic amount of council tax calculated by the authority (under section 44 of the 1992 Act as amended).
[Collapse]Total Police904,1711,139112,331345,515.The data item is not applicable.The data item is not applicable445,1861,280,945347.55
Total PoliceDyfed Powys Police143,9021928,22056,125.The data item is not applicable.The data item is not applicable79,364239,027332.03
Gwent Police173,02721325,98367,672.The data item is not applicable.The data item is not applicable79,160226,481349.52
North Wales Police200,28125116,10977,651.The data item is not applicable.The data item is not applicable106,269303,931349.65
South Wales Police386,96148362,018144,068.The data item is not applicable.The data item is not applicable180,393511,506352.67



Budget requirement for police authorities

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March 2025

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Welsh Government

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Budget Requirement (Police) (BR2) data collection, Welsh Government

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General description

The Welsh Government conducts the budget requirement survey. Data are available on revenue expenditure, net of specific grants and any transfer to/from reserves, budgeted by each county council and police authority for the next financial year. The data also includes a broad analysis of the funding of that expenditure, including the levels of council tax set by each authority. Data cover Wales for all years since 1996-97. Data for earlier years is available for the former districts and counties of Wales, which were re-organised on 1 April 1996. Data for individual police authorities are available for all years since 1995-96, when these bodies became free-standing, with the power to set their own council tax. The survey has been conducted every February since 1993-94. Results are available in late March, approximately one week before the beginning of the reference financial year.

Data collection and calculation

The information presented here is collected via annual returns from Welsh Local Authorities.

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Data reference periods

Data are shown for each financial year from 1996-97 onwards.


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