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Data Provider: Welsh Government National Statistics Vacancies by provider and vacancy type
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Wales[Collapse]Total Local Authorities51,273310631671,5961,601
Total Local Authorities[Expand]Isle of Anglesey0650501111
[Expand]Neath Port Talbot........
[Expand]Vale of Glamorgan02530302828
[Expand]Rhondda Cynon Taf........
[Expand]Merthyr Tydfil........
[Expand]Blaenau Gwent........
[Collapse]Total Registered Social Landlords1521,85246227489642,4052,557
Total Registered Social Landlords[Expand]Abbeyfield Total3724040643
[Expand]Aelwyd Housing Association00505055
[Expand]Almshouse total02101033
[Expand]Baneswell Housing Association03000033
[Expand]Bangor Diocesan Housing Association00000000
[Expand]Bro Myrddin Housing Association08101099
[Expand]Bron Afon Community Housing0650101007575
[Expand]Cadwyn Housing Association01300001313
[Expand]Cardiff Community Housing Association03700003737
[Expand]Cardiff YMCA Housing Association........
[Expand]Care and Repair in Powys........
[Expand]Cartrefi Conwy0531201206565
[Expand]Cartrefi Cymunedol Gwynedd092100100102102
[Expand]Castle Housing Association (Wales)........
[Expand]Charter Housing Association224905505476
[Expand]Clwyd Alyn Housing Association144990915973
[Expand]Coastal Housing Group094130134111111
[Expand]Cymdeithas Tai Cantref........
[Expand]Grwp Cynefin03430313838
[Expand]Cymdeithas Tai Cymdogaeth Gwalia........
[Expand]Cymdeithas Tai Eryri........
[Expand]Hafan Cymru20033035
[Expand]Cynon Taf Housing Association........
[Expand]Cynon-Taf Community Housing Group0231801804141
[Expand]Dewi Sant Housing Association........
[Expand]Eastern Valley Housing Association........
[Expand]Fairlake Living........
[Expand]Fairlake Properties........
[Expand]Family Housing Association (Wales)01222442020
[Expand]First Choice Housing Association4200220244
[Expand]Gofal a Chymorth Gwalia........
[Expand]Gwalia Rest Bay (Co-Ownership Equity Sharing) Housing Association00000000
[Expand]Gwalia Housing Group1811090924143161
[Expand]Gwerin (Cymru) Housing Association........
[Expand]Gwynfyd Housing Co-Operative00000000
[Expand]Hafod Care Housing Association20033146
[Expand]Hafod Housing Association02202044
[Expand]Linc Cymru03100013232
[Expand]Melin Homes0202502555050
[Expand]Merthyr Tydfil Housing Association06690907575
[Expand]Merthyr Valleys Homes02110102222
[Expand]Mid Wales Housing Association09000099
[Expand]Monmouthshire Housing188190190107108
[Expand]Newport City Homes2111470470158160
[Expand]Newtown Housing Association........
[Expand]Newydd Housing Association03640404040
[Expand]North Wales Housing Association020821003030
[Expand]NPT Homes0178480480226226
[Expand]West Wales Care & Repair........
[Expand]Mill Bay Homes Ltd........
[Expand]Pembrokeshire Housing Association03000033
[Expand]Pennant Housing Association........
[Expand]Polish Housing Society00000191919
[Expand]Pontypridd and District Housing Association........
[Expand]Reach Supported Living........
[Expand]Rhondda Housing Association03110103232
[Expand]St David's Diocesan Housing Association00000000
[Expand]Seren Group........
[Expand]Solas Cymru........
[Expand]Soroptimist Housing Association (Carmarthen)02000022
[Expand]Soroptimist Housing Association (Tenby and District)........
[Expand]Swansea Housing Association........
[Expand]Taff Housing Association08000088
[Expand]Tai Calon Community Housing013011101110241241
[Expand]Tai Ceredigion1950501415
[Expand]Ty Glas Housing Society01000011
[Expand]United Welsh Housing Association10351101114757
[Expand]Valleys to Coast Housing08060608686
[Expand]Wales and West Housing0393303317373
[Expand]Young Womens' Housing Association........
[Expand]Pobl Living00000000
[Expand]Pobl Group00000000


Social housing vacancies

Last update
6 March 2019 6 March 2019

Next update
March 2020

Publishing organisation
Welsh Government

Source 1
Social housing vacancies data collection, Welsh Government

Contact email

National Statistics

Lowest level of geographical disaggregation
Local authorities

Geographical coverage

Languages covered
English and Welsh

Data licensing
You may use and re-use this data free of charge in any format or medium, under the terms of the Open Government License - see

General description
The information presented here covers the number of vacancies within housing stock held by Local Authorities and Registered Social Landlords. The information is collected via new annual returns from Welsh social landlords in order to monitor trends over time in the proportion of housing stock which is vacant.

Vacant dwellings includes:
1.)Dwellings undergoing or awaiting major capital works repair, conversion or improvement;
2.)Vacant dwellings that have formal approval for sale or demolition only if they are still part of HRA (Housing Revenue Account) dwellings;
3.)All vacant dwellings to be sold whether awaiting sale or undergoing repair prior to being sold;
4.)Vacant dwellings subject to demolition or closing orders or acquired for demolition under Part VI or IX of the Housing Act 1985.

The information presented here excludes vacant dwellings where an offer of tenancy has been accepted even if no rent is being paid at the end of the financial year.

Data collection and calculation
The information presented here is collected via annual returns from Local Authorities and Registered Social Landlords as at 31 March each year.

In 2014-15, ‘Flintshire’ was unable to provide data on the number of Vacancies. Therefore, 2013-14 has been used for 2014-15 to provide a more accurate ‘local authority’ total and ‘Wales level’ total. Care should be taken when using data for Flintshire for 2014-15, and the calculated local authority and Wales total in comparison to previous years.

During the 2009-10 and 2010-11 data collection and validation, some landlords were unable to either submit data or to resolve validation errors. Where this is the case, the best available estimate of the missing or incorrect data has been used. Whilst this should have only a small effect on data at a Wales level, care may be needed when using data for specific areas and providers. The list below details the issues:
1.) Data on vacancies for Blaenau Gwent was unavailable, so 2008-09 data has been used for 2009-10;
2.) For 2008-09 2009-10 and 2010-11 Abbeyfield societies, Almshouse Charities and Co-ownership societies were not required to complete a vacancies return;
3.) Data for Gwalia Housing Group was unavailable for 2010-11 and 2011-12, so 2009-10 data has been used for both years.

Frequency of publication

Data reference periods
Data are shown for each financial year from 1996-97.

Users, uses and context
Please find this information in the related statistical publication, as per the given weblink.

Rounding applied

Revisions information
Data prior to the last period covered have been revised since previously published. Revisions are marked in the data with an (r).

Statistical quality
Please find this information in the related statistical publication, as per the given weblink.

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