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Data Provider: Welsh Government National Statistics Average weekly rents in self-contained stock at social rent by provider type and year
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[Collapse]Wales48.8250.8853.5056.2659.6862.7764.7968.4172.0674.7577.5980.6382.85(r) 86.1590.46
Wales[Collapse]Total Local Authorities47.9050.0652.8055.4458.0960.7862.6466.6169.6072.5875.1978.4481.15(r) 84.6589.35
Total Local Authorities[Expand]Isle of Anglesey45.1146.8648.9351.2253.9356.5057.5360.4663.4966.6370.2873.8378.4282.4087.23
[Expand]Powys45.5649.6456.2554.7157.5766.0268.7366.7770.1072.6975.7177.9378.62(r) 81.6386.20
[Expand]Neath Port Talbot46.3947.8849.6351.7054.3061.9263.07........
[Expand]Vale of Glamorgan55.9856.1658.2160.8663.8767.1568.4575.0075.9378.8182.0784.9987.9691.0493.74
[Expand]Rhondda Cynon Taf42.9445.3748.3651.84...........
[Expand]Merthyr Tydfil45.0748.2549.8653.0656.39..........
[Expand]Blaenau Gwent44.4446.4548.3250.5751.5153.2553.95........
[Collapse]Total Registered Social Landlords51.1952.9255.2158.2362.0664.9066.9769.6273.6976.1879.1682.0583.93(r) 87.1091.16
Total Registered Social Landlords[Expand]Pobl Living.........83.1986.4489.0390.2790.6794.29
[Expand]Abbeyfield Total........189.63100.3187.3794.7097.87(r) 87.3289.66
[Expand]Aelwyd Housing Association44.9746.4848.0950.2852.7555.8357.3760.2363.5265.8968.1469.9070.6172.4973.19
[Expand]Almshouse total.......51.7952.9055.0756.7358.8460.2361.7763.31
[Expand]Baneswell Housing Association53.0555.5857.5759.5662.5665.3568.1868.9770.0376.2479.4582.5483.5687.1889.25
[Expand]Bangor Diocesan Housing Association0.000.0058.5360.7363.1663.8262.0063.1866.9566.9566.9566.9566.9566.9566.95
[Expand]Bro Myrddin Housing Association49.4051.2453.5055.9558.7862.0863.3766.9670.0673.2376.5878.8181.8385.3789.03
[Expand]Bron Afon Community Housing....64.2467.6768.9371.3474.9879.2481.3383.5385.0487.3691.34
[Expand]Cadwyn Housing Association53.9155.7957.9960.8762.9066.6968.7972.5076.2878.9682.0585.5387.9697.26102.19
[Expand]Cardiff Community Housing Association52.9454.8557.2759.2563.4864.6367.9973.0777.7180.5884.2188.6091.1695.0199.31
[Expand]Cardiff YMCA Housing Association105.00105.00105.00109.00109.00207.00276.92202.59221.90109.99112.96116.35119.84123.44122.96
[Expand]Care and Repair in Powys...............
[Expand]Cartrefi Conwy.....61.5763.4767.2971.9374.6678.1480.3483.1686.9492.72
[Expand]Cartrefi Cymunedol Gwynedd.......65.2868.7372.1176.1879.5582.2885.4589.07
[Expand]Castle Housing Association (Wales)66.3968.4268.4273.4977.87..88.7693.2695.3999.87102.49...
[Expand]Charter Housing Association53.9255.8458.6059.4765.3068.7770.3374.3778.3480.4584.2486.5287.2689.4193.33
[Expand]Clwyd Alyn Housing Association52.7954.9257.0260.0263.3367.4568.8572.6976.7079.5783.9287.3689.1892.5096.27
[Expand]Coastal Housing Group.....64.5866.8570.7373.8876.5979.4281.3882.5084.6387.85
[Expand]Cymdeithas Tai Cantref47.7550.0650.1054.3159.7462.1064.2167.8567.5971.9178.7882.94...
[Expand]Grwp Cynefin55.1851.4452.7357.3158.4760.7064.4966.3271.2975.2976.4079.5183.62(r) 86.8589.39
[Expand]Cymdeithas Tai Eryri46.7849.2351.6055.1956.1558.5561.6963.7965.3971.40.....
[Expand]Hafan Cymru54.4578.0969.5976.2279.8784.23114.98121.37127.55127.93116.89119.23120.81129.86137.61
[Expand]Cynon Taf Housing Association48.2151.5651.8553.51...........
[Expand]Cynon-Taf Community Housing Group....55.8258.4261.5763.7466.4873.7176.5778.7380.2081.9385.06
[Expand]Dewi Sant Housing Association51.5756.4256.5561.3964.44..........
[Expand]Eastern Valley Housing Association52.3654.3656.4359.00...........
[Expand]Fairlake Living49.4948.7951.9551.8556.7156.3859.4661.6765.28......
[Expand]Fairlake Properties...74.2384.6656.3360.6465.96.......
[Expand]Family Housing Association (Wales)53.8355.7656.0759.7262.5867.1770.1874.3778.5580.3682.4685.5287.9090.4394.50
[Expand]First Choice Housing Association..........168.93172.28168.57158.49153.76
[Expand]Gwalia (Rest Bay Co-Ownership Equity Sharing) Housing Association.......73.3877.43......
[Expand]Gwalia Housing51.8553.6656.2558.9662.0165.4666.9670.7074.3077.3180.6482.8283.9786.1190.01
[Expand]Gwerin (Cymru) Housing Association49.3849.3853.6357.17...........
[Expand]Gwynfyd Housing Co-Operative58.0360.0660.0661.3563.2065.0966.7569.4271.4871.4871.4872.2073.2074.6674.66
[Expand]Hafod Care Housing Association.73.3273.3270.7187.95155.54168.23170.65176.58163.71168.47176.38163.89168.61173.19
[Expand]Hafod Housing Association51.6255.0857.4161.0264.0167.2968.9672.4976.4879.3882.7886.0588.4691.8296.90
[Expand]Linc Cymru53.5456.0058.3261.2964.8568.8771.0475.3380.6283.7487.2389.5691.03(r) 93.4196.38
[Expand]Melin Homes....61.8566.8368.3172.5376.3078.9882.2685.2186.2088.4192.21
[Expand]Merthyr Tydfil Housing Association49.2050.9352.7554.7260.8363.6364.8768.5071.9574.5477.2978.8779.4781.3284.46
[Expand]Merthyr Valleys Homes.....57.7960.4864.6362.6065.9269.8772.6875.2978.6083.24
[Expand]Mid Wales Housing Association51.0950.1555.6660.4363.2164.4765.2770.1973.7076.4679.3381.5484.36(r) 86.4588.68
[Expand]Monmouthshire Housing....65.5266.4067.7271.5478.4577.9079.8183.5984.7787.0590.40
[Expand]Newport City Homes.....64.8366.1969.5873.2976.1279.8982.8684.5887.3290.84
[Expand]Newtown Housing Association46.9949.59.............
[Expand]Newydd Housing Association46.9553.4756.2759.5062.4464.1165.8570.0673.8176.1079.3583.2086.4188.5792.25
[Expand]North Wales Housing Association50.1150.0851.7253.9657.7163.8869.7573.1475.8778.0879.4383.9585.02(r) 89.4894.07
[Expand]NPT Homes.......69.0972.6271.7576.4079.4379.9683.4787.98
[Expand]Pembrokeshire Housing 2000...............
[Expand]Pembrokeshire Housing Association50.4452.2754.0357.9862.8969.9368.8772.5176.0777.9282.1784.7586.0187.9291.77
[Expand]Polish Housing Society150.00155.00155.00167.00171.0069.0672.4073.7673.7974.7974.7992.7299.73100.08104.90
[Expand]Pontypridd and District Housing Association49.5151.2152.2753.87...........
[Expand]Rhondda Housing Association49.9551.7953.7956.2358.8259.3463.9867.4171.3974.2977.0779.9982.23(r) 84.2587.55
[Expand]Saint David's Diocesan Housing Association61.4860.1160.7965.5266.2366.2366.6169.9269.9272.92.76.4476.4476.4476.44
[Expand]Soroptimist Housing Association (Carmarthen)
[Expand]Soroptimist Housing Association (Tenby and District)
[Expand]Swansea Housing Association50.8351.3452.5354.7960.57..........
[Expand]Taff Housing Association57.3559.1060.5662.9967.6474.5077.4479.9984.9088.1190.9293.4794.6897.34102.05
[Expand]Tai Calon Community Housing.......58.1962.1864.8467.9870.3972.0374.8679.27
[Expand]Tai Ceredigion......63.5067.0170.1370.8476.0681.0984.6988.9295.08
[Expand]Ty Glas Housing Society............83.46100.01103.82
[Expand]United Welsh Housing Association53.0555.2557.1659.9862.8166.1070.8174.7980.0382.1485.4088.3390.3793.0796.39
[Expand]Valleys to Coast Housing48.6150.3653.1053.5357.4462.0664.4868.8173.2176.5479.9682.4084.1187.2493.00
[Expand]Wales and West Housing49.4149.7052.9058.3061.6065.0366.7970.8175.0477.9381.8784.7987.74(r) 92.0696.77
[Expand]Young Womens' Housing Association65.11..............


Stock and rents of dwellings at social rents

Last update
8 August 2018 8 August 2018

Next update
August 2019

Publishing organisation
Welsh Government

Source 1
Social landlord stock and rents data collection, Welsh Government

Contact email

National Statistics

Lowest level of geographical disaggregation
Local authorities

Geographical coverage

Languages covered
English and Welsh

Data licensing
You may use and re-use this data free of charge in any format or medium, under the terms of the Open Government License - see

General description
The information presented here is collected via annual returns from Welsh social landlords on stock held by local authorities and registered social landlords (RSLs) as at 31 March each year and the associated average rents charged set on the same date for the following year.

The stock estimates in this dataset includes all stock owned, whether Welsh Government funded or otherwise as at 31 March each year, on which social rents are charged. It includes permanent and temporary stock.

This dataset excludes:
• properties that are charged at anything other than social rents, including those charged at intermediate or market rents, and intermediate tenures (for example shared ownership properties);
• all non-residential properties;
• dwellings leased to temporarily house the homeless;
• any dwellings that are managed as a social lettings agency;
• properties where the social landlord has sold the leasehold through right to buy but retains the freehold; and
• RSL investment properties.

The data were collected via the annual WHO15 returns from local authorities and annual RSL1 returns from RSLs up to 2008-09, but have since been collected via the Welsh Government Social Landlord Stock and Rents data collection.

The proportion of social housing stock managed by RSLs will have been influenced by the large scale voluntary transfers of local authority stock. For further information please see the Quality Information in the accompanying Statistical Release (see weblinks).

Within self-contained dwellings, the accommodation types include general needs, sheltered, other supported and extra care housing, and data are available on this basis back to 2008-09. During the 2012-13 data collection, the data collected for non self-contained dwellings were also broken down into the same accommodation types. Prior to that, non self-contained data were only collected as a total across all accommodation types.

Stock figures will differ from dwelling stock estimates published, which assume that three bedspaces of a non-self contained unit is equivalent to one dwelling.

Maisonettes are categorised as flats, whilst bungalows are categorised as houses.

Data for English registered RSLs with stock in Wales is excluded.

This data presents information on the average weekly rents for wholly rented local authority and RSL dwellings set at the 31 March each year for the following financial year.

The data were collected via the annual WHO15 returns from local authorities and annual RSL1 returns from RSLs up to 2008-09, but have since been collected via the Welsh Government Social Landlord Stock and Rents data collection.

Rents are shown as at 31 March for the following financial year. If a local authority transfers its stock to a new RSL during the year, the rents are shown for the local authority for the whole of that year. In this dataset, the rents will move to the new RSL from the following 31 March. A list of the large scale voluntary transfers of local authority stock and dates of transfer can be found in the Quality Information in the accompanying Statistical Release (see weblinks).

The average weekly rent is the average of the standard rent chargeable, before deduction for rent allowances and also excludes service charges or other charges for amenities (e.g. central heating, hot water supply or laundries) and water rates.

Rents are based on a 52 week year. If rent free weeks are given the total amount payable is divided by 52.

Properties of unusual size are assigned to the closest available category. Maisonettes are categorised as flats, whilst bungalows are classed as houses.

The data includes secure as well as assured tenancies.

Within self-contained dwellings, the accommodation types include general needs, sheltered, other supported and extra care housing, and data are available on this basis back to 2008-09. Rent data for non self-contained dwellings was collected for the first in 2012-13 and is broken down by the same accommodation types as self contained. Prior to 2012-13 no rent data is available for non-self contained dwellings.

Data collection and calculation
The information presented here is collected via annual returns from Welsh social landlords (local authorities and registered social landlords) on the stock they held as at 31 March each year. The collection also requests the average rents for each category of stock by each provider, set for the following year on the same 31 March date. The data are requested with a breakdown between general needs, sheltered, other supported and extra care accommodation types, with a split into non self-contained and self-contained units, and further splits of the self-contained units into data by numbers of bedrooms for both houses (including bungalows) and flats (including maisonettes). Further information on stock held by these organisation but not available at social rents is also collected. Numbers for Wales are derived by summing the stock across all the providers, with rent averages calculated by weighting the individual rent figures by the respect stock in each cell of the data.

Frequency of publication

Data reference periods
Data are shown for stock from 2003-04 until 2012-13 inclusive. The figures for each financial year represent the position at 31 March (i.e. at the end of each financial year). Data for rents set on the same 31 March dates relate to the rent set in the following year, and hence cover the period 2004-05 to 2014-15 in these data.

Users, uses and context
Please find this information in the related statistical publication, as per the given weblink.

Rounding applied

Revisions information
Data prior to the last period covered have been revised since previously published. Revisions are marked in the data with an (r).

As these data also form part of other data collections, for example counts of properties which are compliant with the Welsh Housing Quality Standard, it is possible that the data will be subject to minor revision in due course. If necessary, for example where revisions are significant, these amendments will also be included in a revised formal release of data (see weblinks).

Statistical quality
Please find this information in the related statistical publication, as per the given weblink.

Social housing; stock; rents; houses; flats; bedrooms; general needs; sheltered accommodation; supported accommodation; extra care accommodation; social landlords