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Data Provider: Welsh Government National Statistics Disposal of dwellings by local authority provider and activity
AreaThe number of Right to Buy claims and sales of local authority dwellings will have been influenced by the large scale voluntary transfers of local authority stock to RSLs. The local authorities affected are Bridgend (September 2003), Rhondda Cynon Taf (December 2007), Monmouthshire (January 2007), Torfaen (April 2008), Conwy (September 2008), Newport (March 2009), Merthyr Tydfil (March 2009), Ceredigion (November 2009) , Gwynedd (April 2010), Blaenau Gwent (July 2010) and Neath Port Talbot (March 2011).<br /><br />From 2013-14, sales are available by area for all data providers, therefore Local authorities and RSL\’s.  Prior to 2013-14, data by area was only available from those sales completed by Local Authorities.[Filtered]
[Collapse]PeriodData was not collected for 2019-20 due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in 2020.[Filtered]
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[Collapse]ActivityThe Right to Buy and Right to Acquire sales figures are classified as statutory sales.<br /><br />From 2013-14, total social housing sales are available by social housing stock and non social housing stock.  Non social housing stock includes shared equity, LCHO\’s and intermediate rented properties.<br />[Filter]
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Wales[Collapse]Total Local AuthoritiesErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Total Local AuthoritiesIsle of AngleseyErrorErrorErrorErrorError
GwyneddStock transfer to Cartrefi Cymunedol Gwynedd in April 2010.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
ConwyStock transferred to Cartrefi Conwy in September 2008.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
CeredigionStock transferred to Tai Ceredigion in December 2009.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Neath Port TalbotStock transferred to NPT Homes in March 2011.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
BridgendStock transferred to Valleys to Coast in September 2003.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Vale of GlamorganErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Rhondda Cynon TafStock transferred to RCT Homes in December 2007.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Merthyr TydfilStock transferred to Merthyr Valleys Homes in March 2009.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Blaenau GwentStock transferred to Tai Calon Community Housing in July 2010.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
TorfaenStock transferred to Bron Afon Community Housing in April 2008.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
MonmouthshireStock transferred to Monmouthshire Housing in January 2008.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
NewportStock transferred to Newport City Homes in March 2009.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
[Collapse]Total Registered Social LandlordsErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Total Registered Social LandlordsAbbeyfield Borough of ConwayMerged with Abbeyfield Wales in October 2012.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Abbeyfield BreconErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Abbeyfield Colwyn BayErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Abbeyfield FlintErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Abbeyfield LlandeiloErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Abbeyfield LlanrwstErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Abbeyfield Wales1) Name changed from \'Abbeyfield South Wales Society\' to \'Abbeyfield Wales Society\' on 01 April 2006. 2) Has merged with several small Abbeyfield societies over recent years.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Abbeyfield WrexhamErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Aelwyd Housing AssociationErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Baneswell Housing AssociationErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Bangor Diocesan Housing AssociationErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Bro Myrddin Housing AssociationErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Bron Afon Community HousingNew RSL created by the stock transfer from Torfaen council, April 2008.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Cadarn Housing GroupDoes not own stock.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Cadwyn Housing AssociationErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Cardiff Community Housing AssociationErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Cardiff YMCA Housing AssociationErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Care and Repair in PowysDoes not own stock.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Cartrefi ConwyNew RSL created by the stock transfer from Conwy council, September 2008.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Castle Housing Association (Wales)Merged with Family Housing Association (Wales) in 2016.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Charter Housing AssociationPart of Pobl Group.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Clwyd Alyn Housing AssociationPart of the Pennaf Group.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Coastal Housing GroupCymdeithas Tai Dewi Sant and Swansea HA merged to form Coastal Housing group in April 2008.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Cymdeithas Tai CantrefMerged with Wales and West Housing in September 2016.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Cymdeithas Tai ClwydErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Cymdeithas Tai EryriErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Hafan CymruErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Cynon-Taf Community Housing GroupFormed from the merger of Cynon Taf and Pontypridd and District in January 2008.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Family Housing Association (Wales)ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
First Choice Housing AssociationErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Gofal a Chymorth Gwalia1) Name changed from \'Trothwy\' to \'Gofal a Chymorth Gwalia\' in 2010-11. 2) Part of the Gwalia Group.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Gwalia (Rest Bay Co-Ownership Equity Sharing) Housing AssociationPart of the Pobl Group.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Gwalia Housing GroupPart of Pobl Group.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Gwalia Housing Trust1) Does not own stock. 2) Part of the Pobl Group.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Tai Adra CyfyngedigPreviously  Cartrefi Cymunedol Gwynedd. New RSL created by the stock transfer from Gwynedd council in April 2010.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Gwynfyd Housing Co-OperativeErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Hafod Care Housing AssociationPart of the Hendre Group.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Hafod Housing AssociationPart of the Hendre Group.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Hendre Housing AssociationErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Henry Burtons AlmshousesErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Letitia Cornwallis AlmshousesDe-registeredErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Linc CymruName changed from \'Glamorgan and Gwent\' to \'Linc Cymru\' in April 2006.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Llewellyn AlmshousesErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Melin HomesMelin Homes was created by the merger of Eastern Valley and Gwerin on 01 April 2007.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Merthyr Tydfil Housing AssociationErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Merthyr Valleys HomesNew RSL created by the stock transfer from Merthyr Tydfil council in March 2009.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Mid Wales Housing AssociationErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Monmouthshire HousingNew RSL created by the stock transfer from Monmouthshire council in January 2008.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Newport City HomesNew RSL created by the stock transfer from Newport council in March 2009.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
DerwenPart of Pobl Group.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Newydd Housing Association1) Absorbed Newtown Housing Association in 2005. 2) Part of the Cadarn Group.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
North Wales Housing AssociationErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Tai TarianPreviously NPT Homes. New RSL created by the stock transfer from Neath Port Talbot council in March 2011.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
West Wales Care and Repair1) Does not own stock.  2) Name change from \'Pembrokeshire Care And Repair 2000\' to \'West Wales Care and repair\' in November 2015.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Pembrokeshire Housing 2000Does not own stock.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Pembrokeshire Housing AssociationErrorErrorErrorErrorError
PennafDoes not own stock.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Polish Housing SocietyErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Rachel Herbert AlmshousesErrorErrorErrorErrorError
TrivallisNew RSL created by the stock transfer from Rhondda Cynon Taf council in December 2007. Previously named RCT Homes.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Reach Supported Living1) Does not own stock. 2) Part of Pobl Group.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Rhondda Housing AssociationPart of the Hendre Group.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Roger Williams and Queen Victoria Memorial AlmshousesErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Ruabon AlmshouseErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Saint David's Diocesan Housing AssociationErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Seren GroupDe-registered in 2016.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Slocombe Cottages for the Aged and InfirmSlocombe Cottages stock was transferred to Wales and West housing association in September 2016.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Solas Cymru1) Does not own stock. 2) Part of Pobl Group.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Soroptimist Housing Association (Carmarthen)De-registeredErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Swansea Hillside Housing AssociationNamed changed from \'Swansea Hillside\' to \'Pennant\' in 2009-10.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Taff Housing AssociationErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Tai Calon Community HousingNew RSL created by the stock transfer from Blaenau Gwent council in July 2010.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Tai CartrefiDoes not own stock.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Barcud CyfyngedigPreviously Tai #ceredigion. New RSL created by the stock transfer from Ceredigion council in December 2009.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Tai Charles JonesErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Tai CymdogaethPart of PoblGroup.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
The Goodman and Ruthin CharityErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Ty Glas Housing Society1) Does not own stock. 2) Part of the Pennaf Group.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
United Welsh Housing AssociationErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Valleys to Coast HousingNew RSL created by the stock transfer from Bridgend council in September 2003.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Wales and West HousingErrorErrorErrorErrorError
CanllawCanllaw was created by the merger of Gofal a Thrwsio Gwynedd and Gofal a Thrwsio Môn on 1 April 2010.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Pobl LivingName changed from \'Seren Living\' to \'Pobl Living\' in February 2017.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError
Pobl GroupFormed from the merger of Gwalia and Pobl Living.ErrorErrorErrorErrorError



Total social landlord housing sales

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3 August 2023 3 August 2023

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July 2024

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Welsh Government

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Social housing sales data collection, Welsh Government

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National Statistics

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English only

Data licensing

You may use and re-use this data free of charge in any format or medium, under the terms of the Open Government License - see

General description

The information presented here shows sales of local authority dwellings and of Registered Social Landlord (RSL) dwellings. It includes all social landlord housing sales - social and non-social housing. The data is used to help monitor trends in both the overall level of Welsh housing stock and the changes in its tenure distribution over time. Data is also used by the Welsh Government and local authorities to assess levels of housing supply across Wales and as an indication as to whether housing need is being met.

RSLs are organisations that provide and manage properties for people who would otherwise be unable to afford to rent or buy privately. Social landlords must be registered with the Welsh Government and are inspected on a regular basis to maintain a good standard of management.

The Right to Acquire sales and Homebuy sales included are only appropriate for Registered Social Landlord dwellings.

Data collection and calculation

The information presented here is collected via annual returns from Welsh social landlords (local authorities and registered social landlords) on the sales recorded during the financial year.

Frequency of publication


Data reference periods

Data are shown for right to buy from 1980-81 until 2012-13 inclusive. Up until 2010-11 the data was collected on a quarterly basis, and from 2011-12 collected annually. The figures for each financial year represent the sales during each of the financial years from April to March.

Note that, due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in 2020, data on social landlord housing sales in Wales for 2019-20 were not collected.

Users, uses and context

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Revisions information

Data prior to the last period covered have been revised since previously published. Revisions are marked in the data with an (r).


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