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Data Provider: Welsh Government National Statistics Disposal of land for housing by time period and land disposal (pre 2011-12)

Archived (English only) – No longer updated.

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[Expand]1983-84 January-March7.113.The data item is not applicable0.334.The data item is not applicable7.447
[Collapse]1984-85 Annual12.137.The data item is not applicable0.231.The data item is not applicable12.368
1984-85 Annual1984-85 April-June9.066.The data item is not applicable0.000.The data item is not applicable9.066
1984-85 July-September1.950.The data item is not applicable0.000.The data item is not applicable1.950
1984-85 October-December0.049.The data item is not applicable0.231.The data item is not applicable0.280
1984-85 January-March1.072.The data item is not applicable0.000.The data item is not applicable1.072
[Collapse]1985-86 Annual6.873.The data item is not applicable3.808.The data item is not applicable10.681
1985-86 Annual1985-86 April-June6.363.The data item is not applicable0.516.The data item is not applicable6.879
1985-86 July-September0.510.The data item is not applicable0.391.The data item is not applicable0.901
1985-86 October-December0.000.The data item is not applicable2.293.The data item is not applicable2.293
1985-86 January-March0.000.The data item is not applicable0.608.The data item is not applicable0.608
[Collapse]1986-87 Annual4.240.The data item is not applicable2.724.The data item is not applicable6.964
1986-87 Annual1986-87 April-June3.440.The data item is not applicable0.000.The data item is not applicable3.440
1986-87 July-September0.000.The data item is not applicable1.061.The data item is not applicable1.061
1986-87 October-December0.315.The data item is not applicable0.886.The data item is not applicable1.201
1986-87 January-March0.485.The data item is not applicable0.777.The data item is not applicable1.262
[Collapse]1987-88 Annual9.105.The data item is not applicable2.984.The data item is not applicable12.089
1987-88 Annual1987-88 April-June9.105.The data item is not applicable0.777.The data item is not applicable9.882
1987-88 July-September0.000.The data item is not applicable0.600.The data item is not applicable0.600
1987-88 October-December0.000.The data item is not applicable0.562.The data item is not applicable0.562
1987-88 January-March0.000.The data item is not applicable1.045.The data item is not applicable1.045
[Collapse]1988-89 Annual8.887.The data item is not applicable1.772.The data item is not applicable10.659
1988-89 Annual1988-89 April-June1.182.The data item is not applicable0.410.The data item is not applicable1.592
1988-89 July-September2.875.The data item is not applicable0.057.The data item is not applicable2.932
1988-89 October-December2.580.The data item is not applicable1.225.The data item is not applicable3.805
1988-89 January-March2.250.The data item is not applicable0.080.The data item is not applicable2.330
[Collapse]1989-90 Annual10.365.The data item is not applicable6.892.The data item is not applicable17.257
1989-90 Annual1989-90 April-June2.149.The data item is not applicable0.000.The data item is not applicable2.149
1989-90 July-September0.000.The data item is not applicable1.562.The data item is not applicable1.562
1989-90 October-December0.500.The data item is not applicable1.113.The data item is not applicable1.613
1989-90 January-March7.716.The data item is not applicable4.217.The data item is not applicable11.933
[Collapse]1990-91 Annual0.7062.89918.455.The data item is not applicable22.060
1990-91 Annual1990-91 April-June0.3640.0005.860.The data item is not applicable6.224
1990-91 July-September0.0002.1080.100.The data item is not applicable2.208
1990-91 October-December0.3420.0001.470.The data item is not applicable1.812
1990-91 January-March0.0000.79111.025.The data item is not applicable11.816
[Collapse]1991-92 Annual0.0004.5165.074.The data item is not applicable9.590
1991-92 Annual1991-92 April-June0.0000.1300.235.The data item is not applicable0.365
1991-92 July-September0.0000.5290.299.The data item is not applicable0.828
1991-92 October-December0.0000.0001.143.The data item is not applicable1.143
1991-92 January-March0.0003.8573.397.The data item is not applicable7.254
[Collapse]1992-93 Annual0.0003.7829.136.The data item is not applicable12.918
1992-93 Annual1992-93 April-June0.0000.0000.598.The data item is not applicable0.598
1992-93 July-September0.0002.2000.510.The data item is not applicable2.710
1992-93 October-December0.0001.1376.322.The data item is not applicable7.459
1992-93 January-March0.0000.4451.706.The data item is not applicable2.151
[Collapse]1993-94 Annual6.2918.92211.963.The data item is not applicable27.176
1993-94 Annual1993-94 April-June0.0001.9680.160.The data item is not applicable2.128
1993-94 July-September0.0000.0002.238.The data item is not applicable2.238
1993-94 October-December3.8236.1536.062.The data item is not applicable16.038
1993-94 January-March2.4680.8013.503.The data item is not applicable6.772
[Collapse]1994-95 Annual1.3485.23411.503.The data item is not applicable18.085
1994-95 Annual1994-95 April-June1.0000.0001.949.The data item is not applicable2.949
1994-95 July-September0.1460.0001.180.The data item is not applicable1.326
1994-95 October-December0.0000.0000.156.The data item is not applicable0.156
1994-95 January-March0.2025.2348.218.The data item is not applicable13.654
[Collapse]1995-96 Annual3.3200.0771.595.The data item is not applicable4.992
1995-96 Annual1995-96 April-June0.0000.0000.420.The data item is not applicable0.420
1995-96 July-September3.3200.0770.250.The data item is not applicable3.647
1995-96 October-December0.0000.0000.275.The data item is not applicable0.275
1995-96 January-March0.0000.0000.650.The data item is not applicable0.650
[Collapse]1996-97 Annual0.0001.000396.0000.000397.000
1996-97 Annual1996-97 April-June0.0000.0001.0000.0001.000
1996-97 July-September0.0000.0000.0000.0000.000
1996-97 October-December0.0000.0000.0000.0000.000
1996-97 January-March0.0001.000395.0000.000396.000
[Collapse]1997-98 Annual0.0000.0001.0000.0001.000
1997-98 Annual1997-98 April-June0.0000.0000.0000.0000.000
1997-98 July-September0.0000.0000.0000.0000.000
1997-98 October-December0.0000.0000.0000.0000.000
1997-98 January-March0.0000.0001.0000.0001.000
[Collapse]1998-99 Annual0.0000.1261.6680.3722.166
1998-99 Annual1998-99 April-June0.0000.0000.1830.0000.183
1998-99 July-September0.0000.1261.1000.1451.371
1998-99 October-December0.0000.0000.0000.0000.000
1998-99 January-March0.0000.0000.3850.2270.612
[Collapse]1999-00 Annual0.0000.0005.4910.2115.702
1999-00 Annual1999-00 April-June0.0000.0002.8100.2113.021
1999-00 July-September0.0000.0000.0000.0000.000
1999-00 October-December0.0000.0000.0000.0000.000
1999-00 January-March0.0000.0002.6810.0002.681
[Collapse]2000-01 Annual0.0000.00011.6900.41512.105
2000-01 Annual2000-01 April-June0.0000.0001.3420.4151.757
2000-01 July-September0.0000.0000.3140.0000.314
2000-01 October-December0.0000.0006.4440.0006.444
2000-01 January-March0.0000.0003.5900.0003.590
[Collapse]2001-02 Annual0.0000.0008.2310.0008.231
2001-02 Annual2001-02 April-June0.0000.0003.3410.0003.341
2001-02 July-September0.0000.0000.0000.0000.000
2001-02 October-December0.0000.0001.8540.0001.854
2001-02 January-March0.0000.0003.0360.0003.036
[Collapse]2002-03 Annual0.0000.6601.1400.0001.800
2002-03 Annual2002-03 April-June0.0000.0000.0000.0000.000
2002-03 July-September0.0000.0000.0000.0000.000
2002-03 October-December0.0000.0000.0000.0000.000
2002-03 January-March0.0000.6601.1400.0001.800
[Collapse]2003-04 Annual127.0000.58016.4900.000144.070
2003-04 Annual2003-04 April-June0.0000.00014.0000.00014.000
2003-04 July-September127.0000.5800.3000.000127.880
2003-04 October-December0.0000.0001.3500.0001.350
2003-04 January-March0.0000.0000.8400.0000.840
[Collapse]2004-05 Annual1.1500.2705.6700.0007.090
2004-05 Annual2004-05 April-June0.5700.0000.1700.0000.740
2004-05 July-September0.5800.0003.7500.0004.330
2004-05 October-December0.0000.0001.4900.0001.490
2004-05 January-March0.0000.2700.2600.0000.530
[Collapse]2005-06 Annual1.2200.0004.2400.0005.460
2005-06 Annual2005-06 April-June0.0000.0000.9500.0000.950
2005-06 July-September0.0000.0000.0000.0000.000
2005-06 October-December0.0000.0002.7700.0002.770
2005-06 January-March1.2200.0000.5200.0001.740
[Collapse]2006-07 Annual1.5401.5507.0200.00010.110
2006-07 Annual2006-07 April-June0.0900.0000.2400.0000.330
2006-07 July-September1.4500.0001.0000.0002.450
2006-07 October-December0.0000.0003.3900.0003.390
2006-07 January-March0.0001.5502.3900.0003.940
[Collapse]2007-08 Annual0.0000.61210.6380.00011.250
2007-08 Annual2007-08 April-June0.0000.4200.6500.0001.070
2007-08 July-September0.0000.0520.5300.0000.582
2007-08 October-December0.0000.1404.7000.0004.840
2007-08 January-March0.0000.0004.7580.0004.758
[Collapse]2008-09 Annual10.0060.00012.2350.00022.241
2008-09 Annual2008-09 April-June0.0000.0000.6680.0000.668
2008-09 July-September0.0000.0000.7360.0000.736
2008-09 October-December0.0420.0000.1680.0000.210
2008-09 January-March9.9640.00010.6630.00020.627
[Collapse]2009-10 Annual0.0002.1248.5210.00010.645
2009-10 Annual2009-10 April-June0.0001.6000.0000.0001.600
2009-10 July-September0.0000.0000.3810.0000.381
2009-10 October-December0.0000.0941.7280.0001.822
2009-10 January-March0.0000.4306.4120.0006.842
[Collapse]2010-11 Annual2.3400.69614.3300.16217.528
2010-11 Annual2010-11 April-June0.0000.0920.3330.1620.587
2010-11 July-September0.0000.0007.1100.0007.110
2010-11 October-December0.0000.2801.2650.0001.545
2010-11 January-March2.3400.3245.6220.0008.286



HOUS0903: Disposal of land for housing during the quarter.


Statistical Directorate, Welsh Government


Last update: 12th June 2012
Was added to StatsWales: 12th June 2012
Next Update: No longer updated.
Will be added to StatsWales: Not applicable
Source: Sales Data Collection, Welsh Government

The information presented here shows sales of local authority dwellings. The data is used to help monitor trends in both the overall level of Welsh housing stock and the changes in its tenure distribution over time. Data is also used by the Welsh Government and local authorities to assess levels of housing supply across Wales and as an indication as to whether housing need is being met.

Information about disposal of land for housing is only available up to 2010-11. The collection of this information ceased at the end of 2010-11.

For further information, please see <a href= target=_blank> Statistical Release: New House Building and Social Housing Sales</a>


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