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As the demand increases for statistics and data to measure the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had to change our data gathering and release practices, focussing efforts on priority analysis and statistics.

Data Provider: Welsh Government National Statistics Eviction warrants granted by landlord and eviction

Archived (English only) – No longer updated.

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[Collapse]Total left propertyClick here to sortTotal left property[Collapse]Total remained in the propertyClick here to sortTotal remained in the property
Click here to sortWarrant executed and resulting in evictionClick here to sortWarrants not executed but the tenant left property before eviction dateClick here to sortWarrants not executed and the tenant did not leave the property before eviction dateClick here to sortWarrants not executed: Suspended
Wales[Collapse]Total Local Authorities330513811387158531,234
Total Local Authorities[Expand]Isle of Anglesey2130558
[Expand]Neath Port Talbot48856504898154
[Expand]Vale of Glamorgan1111213223547
[Expand]Rhondda Cynon Taf0000000
[Expand]Merthyr Tydfil0000000
[Expand]Blaenau Gwent0000000
[Collapse]Total Registered Social Landlords35073423113400513936
Total Registered Social Landlords[Expand]Abbeyfield Total0000000
[Expand]Aelwyd Housing Association1010001
[Expand]Almshouse total0000000
[Expand]Baneswell Housing Association0000000
[Expand]Bangor Diocesan Housing Association0000000
[Expand]Bro Myrddin Housing Association3250101015
[Expand]Bron Afon Community Housing40242168096138
[Expand]Cadarn Housing Group0000000
[Expand]Cadwyn Housing Association7070007
[Expand]Cardiff Community Housing Association1701707724
[Expand]Cardiff YMCA Housing Association0000000
[Expand]Care and Repair in Powys0000000
[Expand]Cartrefi Conwy64100232333
[Expand]Cartrefi Cymunedol Gwynedd1301300013
[Expand]Castle Housing Association (Wales)0000000
[Expand]Charter Housing Association80843715
[Expand]Clwyd Alyn Housing Association8917641027
[Expand]Coastal Housing Group761300013
[Expand]Cymdeithas Tai Cantref4040226
[Expand]Cymdeithas Tai Clwyd0000000
[Expand]Cymdeithas Tai Cymdogaeth Gwalia0000000
[Expand]Cymdeithas Tai Eryri4150005
[Expand]Cymdeithas Tai Hafan0220002
[Expand]Cynon Taf Housing Association.......
[Expand]Cynon-Taf Community Housing Group1010556
[Expand]Dewi Sant Housing Association.......
[Expand]Eastern Valley Housing Association.......
[Expand]Fairlake Living0000000
[Expand]Fairlake Properties0000000
[Expand]Family Housing Association (Wales)55101171828
[Expand]First Choice Housing Association0000000
[Expand]Gofal a Chymorth Gwalia0000000
[Expand]Gofal a Thrwsio Gwynedd0000000
[Expand]Gofal a Thrwsio M�n0000000
[Expand]Gwalia (Rest Bay Co-Ownership Equity Sharing) Housing Association0000000
[Expand]Gwalia Housing Group150150131328
[Expand]Gwalia Housing Trust0000000
[Expand]Gwerin (Cymru) Housing Association.......
[Expand]Gwynfyd Housing Co-Operative0000000
[Expand]Hafod Care Housing Association0000000
[Expand]Hafod Housing Association183216212748
[Expand]Hendre Housing Association0000000
[Expand]Linc Cymru1061610405066
[Expand]Melin Homes70723512
[Expand]Merthyr Tydfil Housing Association6060006
[Expand]Merthyr Valleys Homes1051544155974
[Expand]Mid Wales Housing Association5270229
[Expand]Monmouthshire Housing1501525722
[Expand]Newport City Homes182204131737
[Expand]Newport Housing Trust0000000
[Expand]Newtown Housing Association.......
[Expand]Newydd Housing Association64100252535
[Expand]North Wales Housing Association30307710
[Expand]NPT Homes0000000
[Expand]Pembrokeshire Care And Repair 20000000000
[Expand]Pembrokeshire Housing 20000000000
[Expand]Pembrokeshire Housing Association6060111117
[Expand]Pennant Housing Association0000000
[Expand]Polish Housing Society0000000
[Expand]Pontypridd and District Housing Association.......
[Expand]RCT Homes4835106868119
[Expand]Reach Supported Living0000000
[Expand]Rhondda Housing Association2020557
[Expand]Saint David's Diocesan Housing Association0000000
[Expand]Seren Group0000000
[Expand]Solas Cymru0000000
[Expand]Soroptimist Housing Association (Carmarthen)0000000
[Expand]Swansea Housing Association.......
[Expand]Taff Housing Association4040004
[Expand]Tai Calon Community Housing0000000
[Expand]Tai Ceredigion1340448
[Expand]Tai Cymdogaeth0000000
[Expand]Ty Glas Housing Society0000000
[Expand]United Welsh Housing Association1631930322
[Expand]Valleys to Coast Housing200205101535
[Expand]Wales and West Housing Association1611270171744


HOUS1703: Eviction warrants granted

Statistical Directorate, Welsh Government

Last update: 16th December 2011
Was added to StatsWales: 16th December 2011
Next Update: No longer updated.
Will be added to StatsWales: None planned, data collection ended with 2010-11
Source: Possessions and Evictions Data Collection, Welsh Government

The information presented here covers possession orders and eviction warrants obtained against tenants of social landlords (local authorities and Registered Social Landlords (RSLs)) in Wales.

The information is collected to establish the number of possession orders and eviction warrants obtained by social landlords across Wales and the number of tenants who are forced to leave their home as a result. The information is used in order to monitor trends over time in the level and types of legal action taken by social landlords against their tenants as well as the reasons for the action.

Possession orders can be granted by the courts following a judicial hearing. Eviction warrants can only be applied for once a possession order has been granted but parties can still negotiate a compromise to prevent eviction.

For further information, please see <a href= target=_blank> Statistical Release: Social Landlords Possession and Evictions, 2010-11, </a>

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