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Data Provider: Welsh Government National Statistics Average household size by year

Archived (English only) – No longer updated.

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Household Projections for Wales, 2008-2033

Knowledge and Analytical Services, Welsh Government

Last update: 29 September 2010
Was added to StatsWales: 29 September 2010
Next Update: No longer updated.
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Source: Welsh Assembly Government Statistical Directorate


This table provides household data by the following categories (the data can be found by using the interactive drill down method):

Key measures: All Households, Households by Type, Average Household Size, Private Household Population.

Years: 2008 to 2033

Areas: Wales

Household Types: 1 person, 2 person (no children), 2 person (1 adult, 1 child), 3 person (no children), 3 person (2 adults, 1 children), 3 person (1 adult, 2 children), 4 person (no children), 4 person (2+ adults, 1+ children), 4 person (1 adult, 3 children), 5+ person (no children), 5+ person (2+ adults, 1+ children), 5+ person (1 adult, 4+ children)

Variants: Principal Projection, Higher Variant, Lower Variant, Zero Migration (Natural Change Only) Variant.

The household projection figures for Wales are based on the 2008-based National Population Projections for Wales produced by the Office for National Statistics. The household projection figures provided by local authority on StatsWales are based on the 2008-based Local Authority Population Projections produced by the Welsh Assembly Government and as a result do not add up to the published figures for Wales as a whole. For guidance on when to use the national and local authority projection figures see chapter 5 of the Summary Report for the 2006-based household projections for Wales:

The 2008-based and 2006-based household projections use a different methodology to that used for the 2003 based sub-national household projections and are the first to be produced for the 22 unitary authorities in Wales. Previous household projections for Wales were produced together with those for England by Anglia Ruskin University.

The new methodology has been developed in conjunction with the Wales Sub-national Household Estimates and Projections Working Group (WASHP). Members of WASHP include representatives with experience of demographic and housing data from Welsh local authorities, the Data Unit and the Welsh Assembly Government.

It should be noted that both the population and household projections do not make allowances for the effects of local or central government policies on future population levels, distribution and change. They are merely an indication of what would happen if certain assumptions were realised.

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