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Data Provider: Welsh Government Help to Buy - Wales completed purchases by local authority and house prices
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[Collapse]Total Welsh local authorities(r) 165(r) 671(r) 1,420(r) 1,767(r) 1,787(r) 1,156(r) 991(r) 1,251(r) 9,208
Total Welsh local authoritiesIsle of Anglesey.3(r) 126(r) 8(r) 833(r) 43
Gwynedd2(r) 1112(r) 23(r) 3533(r) 53(r) 35(r) 204
Conwy.5(r) 25(r) 73(r) 37(r) 49(r) 21(r) 38(r) 248
Denbighshire.12(r) 392123155(r) 24(r) 139
Flintshire.(r) 19(r) 83157(r) 223(r) 136(r) 133(r) 181(r) 932
Wrexham3176137(r) 473516(r) 33(r) 249
Powys.5910675(r) 6(r) 48
Ceredigion...17(r) 322(r) 3(r) 27
Pembrokeshire13295670(r) 3219(r) 7(r) 4(r) 230
Carmarthenshire(r) 30(r) 167(r) 217(r) 148(r) 9642328(r) 740
Swansea281(r) 183107732221(r) 26(r) 515
Neath Port Talbot34171(r) 75(r) 712733(r) 20(r) 341
Bridgend(r) 9(r) 50(r) 184(r) 289(r) 164(r) 128(r) 84(r) 43(r) 951
Vale of Glamorgan12(r) 69(r) 85(r) 111(r) 150(r) 110(r) 89(r) 162(r) 788
Cardiff.(r) 33(r) 76(r) 81(r) 123(r) 85(r) 59(r) 186(r) 643
Rhondda Cynon Taf1422(r) 93(r) 128(r) 156(r) 70(r) 63(r) 61(r) 607
Merthyr Tydfil.35353833184136
Caerphilly.6(r) 33(r) 50(r) 109(r) 33(r) 29(r) 32(r) 292
Blaenau Gwent.41542(r) 51.(r) 31
Torfaen.2737(r) 62(r) 63(r) 59(r) 114(r) 344
Monmouthshire.5516(r) 24(r) 44(r) 46(r) 42(r) 182
Newport7787149272(r) 305(r) 190(r) 212(r) 226(r) 1,518


Help to Buy - Wales completed purchases by local authority, house prices and date

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24 July 2019 24 July 2019

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October 2019

Publishing organisation
Welsh Government

Source 1
The Help to Buy Scheme transactions record, Help to Buy Wales

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Local authorities

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Languages covered
English only

Data licensing
You may use and re-use this data free of charge in any format or medium, under the terms of the Open Government License - see

General description
Help to Buy Wales is a £170 million shared equity loan scheme designed to support home ownership, stimulate building activity and provide a boost to the housing sector and wider economy. Under the scheme, loans are available to buyers wishing to purchase a new-build property worth up to £300,000. Help to Buy Wales support is available to all home buyers (not just first time buyers) who wish to purchase a new home, but may be constrained in doing so – for example, as a result of deposit requirements – but who could otherwise be expected to repay a mortgage. A shared equity loan of up to a maximum of 20% of the property purchase price is available. In addition, buyers are required to provide a 5% and will then need to secure a mortgage to cover the remaining balance. All builders (of all sizes) are able to register with the scheme and sell properties through the initiative.

The data shown here are aggregated from the individual transaction records recorded by Help to Buy Wales Ltd, an extract of which is supplied monthly to Welsh Government.

Data collection and calculation
The data are derived from an extract of completed transactions under the Help to Buy scheme in Wales is provided to the Welsh Government by Help to Buy Wales Ltd each month.

Data are extracted from the Help to Buy (Wales) Ltd Client Relationship Management System (CRM ). All the information is held securely on the system and is input on their by the processing staff at Help to Buy (Wales) Ltd. All information stored on the CRM, in relation to Help to Buy – Wales properties, is provided by either the buyer or their solicitor/conveyancer as part of the Property Information Form, Conveyancers Form 1 or Conveyancer Form 2. More details on the process buyer’s go through, and the documentation they are required to complete to draw down a shared equity loan, can be found on the scheme website (See weblinks).

Frequency of publication

Data reference periods
The data refers to the number of completed applications at the end of each month shown, commencing from the scheme's launch on the 2nd of January 2014.

Users, uses and context
Please find this information in the related statistical publication, as per the given weblink.

Rounding applied

Revisions information
All data for a given time period are initially provisional and subject to minor ongoing revision to account for late submission of completed applications to the transactions database. Generally revisions will not be required after a month or so has elapsed after the end of the given period.

Data prior to the last period that have been revised since previously published are marked in the data with an (r).

Statistical quality
Please find this information in the related statistical publication, as per the given weblink.

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