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As the demand increases for statistics and data to measure the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had to change our data gathering and release practices, focussing efforts on priority analysis and statistics.

Data Provider: Welsh Government National Statistics Provision of affordable housing through planning obligations and on exception sites by authority, measure and planning type
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[Collapse]W92000004[Expand]All Wales3,6881011,377137
[Collapse]596[Collapse]All Wales[Expand]Local Authorities3,616941,290134
[Collapse]W06000001[Collapse]All Wales[Collapse]Local AuthoritiesIsle of Anglesey781990
[Collapse]W06000002[Collapse]All Wales[Collapse]Local AuthoritiesGwynedd11065622
[Collapse]W06000003[Collapse]All Wales[Collapse]Local AuthoritiesConwy260131
[Collapse]W06000004[Collapse]All Wales[Collapse]Local AuthoritiesDenbighshire159040
[Collapse]W06000005[Collapse]All Wales[Collapse]Local AuthoritiesFlintshire830350
[Collapse]W06000006[Collapse]All Wales[Collapse]Local AuthoritiesWrexham1190690
[Collapse]W06000023[Collapse]All Wales[Collapse]Local AuthoritiesPowys292121611
[Collapse]W06000008[Collapse]All Wales[Collapse]Local AuthoritiesCeredigion........
[Collapse]W06000009[Collapse]All Wales[Collapse]Local AuthoritiesPembrokeshire83262466
[Collapse]W06000010[Collapse]All Wales[Collapse]Local AuthoritiesCarmarthenshire410410
[Collapse]W06000011[Collapse]All Wales[Collapse]Local AuthoritiesSwansea190310
[Collapse]W06000012[Collapse]All Wales[Collapse]Local AuthoritiesNeath Port Talbot8080
[Collapse]W06000013[Collapse]All Wales[Collapse]Local AuthoritiesBridgend11401760
[Collapse]W06000014[Collapse]All Wales[Collapse]Local AuthoritiesVale of Glamorgan751151720
[Collapse]W06000015[Collapse]All Wales[Collapse]Local AuthoritiesCardiff20601330
[Collapse]W06000016[Collapse]All Wales[Collapse]Local AuthoritiesRhondda Cynon Taf1350530
[Collapse]W06000024[Collapse]All Wales[Collapse]Local AuthoritiesMerthyr Tydfil47000
[Collapse]W06000018[Collapse]All Wales[Collapse]Local AuthoritiesCaerphilly246080
[Collapse]W06000019[Collapse]All Wales[Collapse]Local AuthoritiesBlaenau Gwent4000
[Collapse]W06000020[Collapse]All Wales[Collapse]Local AuthoritiesTorfaen104349634
[Collapse]W06000021[Collapse]All Wales[Collapse]Local AuthoritiesMonmouthshire21001150
[Collapse]W06000022[Collapse]All Wales[Collapse]Local AuthoritiesNewport76101230
[Collapse]595[Collapse]All Wales[Expand]National Park Authorities727873
[Collapse]W18000001[Collapse]All Wales[Collapse]National Park AuthoritiesBrecon Beacons National Park120410
[Collapse]W18000002[Collapse]All Wales[Collapse]National Park AuthoritiesPembrokeshire Coast National Park294143
[Collapse]W18000003[Collapse]All Wales[Collapse]National Park AuthoritiesSnowdonia National Park313320


Provision of affordable housing through planning obligations and on rural exception sites, by planning authority

Last update
14 November 2019 14 November 2019

Next update
October 2020

Publishing organisation
Welsh Government

Source 1
Affordable housing provision data collection, Welsh Government

Contact email

National Statistics

Lowest level of geographical disaggregation
Planning authorities

Geographical coverage

Languages covered
English and Welsh

Data licensing
You may use and re-use this data free of charge in any format or medium, under the terms of the Open Government License - see

General description
The information presented here relates to the number of additional affordable housing units granted planning permission and the number of additional units delivered within each planning authority area in each year. The planning authorities in Wales are the 22 local authorities and the 3 national park authorities. The data shown are the numbers of affordable housing units granted planning permission and delivered under planning obligations and on affordable housing exception sites.

The focus of this dataset is on additional affordable housing units delivered, and these are defined as those provided through new build schemes or through the purchase, leasing or conversion of existing units. This therefore excludes existing affordable units that have been renovated or refurbished, as they are not classed as being additional. However, where an existing unit has been converted into two separate units, then this represents an additional affordable unit delivered. Conversely where there was a net loss of affordable units within a property over the year there are no additional affordable housing units delivered. For example, if two self contained flats in one property were converted into one family home, then the number of additional units is classed as zero, although note that that is not recorded as a negative change to the number of additional units delivered.

In this context, delivered means that the unit is completed and is available for occupation.

Planning obligations (or Section 106 agreements) are arrangements to overcome obstacles which may otherwise prevent planning permission from being granted. These may be used to offset negative consequences of development, to help meet local needs or to secure benefits which would make a development more sustainable.

Affordable housing exception sites are small scale housing sites within or adjoining existing settlements for the provision of affordable housing to meet local needs, which would not otherwise be allocated in the development plan. Prior to July 2010 these were known as ‘rural exceptions sites’.

Note that the numbers of affordable housing units delivered through planning obligations should not be added to those delivered on affordable housing exception sites. This is because a unit may be delivered on a affordable housing exception site under a planning obligation, so that there may be an element of double counting in doing so.

Note also that the numbers of units granted planning permission will not necessarily be delivered in the same year so that these figures should be considered separately from the figures delivered in the same year.

Although the areas covered by the national park authorities are within the boundaries of the local authorities, in the context of planning, the local authorities are responsible only for those parts of the local authority area which are not within the national park boundaries. Therefore in the planning context, the figures for local authorities and national park authorities are added together to give an overall total for Wales as a whole.

Data collection and calculation
The information presented here is collected via annual returns from Welsh planning authorities on the actual affordable housing provision delivered during each year.

Frequency of publication

Data reference periods
Data are shown for each financial year from 2007-08 through to 2015-16.

Users, uses and context
Please find this information in the related statistical publication, as per the given weblink.

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Statistical quality
Please find this information in the related statistical publication, as per the given weblink.

Social housing; affordable housing; social landlords