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Data Provider: Welsh Government Management Information Other non medical staff by job type and area of work
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Click here to sort2009At 30 SeptemberClick here to sort2010At 30 SeptemberClick here to sort2011At 30 SeptemberClick here to sort2012At 30 SeptemberClick here to sort2013At 30 SeptemberClick here to sort2014At 30 SeptemberClick here to sort2015At 30 SeptemberClick here to sort2016At 30 SeptemberClick here to sort2017At 30 SeptemberClick here to sort2018At 30 SeptemberClick here to sort2018-DECAt 31 DecemberClick here to sort2019-MARAt 31 MarchClick here to sort2019-JUNAt 30 JuneClick here to sort2019-SEPAt 30 SeptemberClick here to sort2019-DECAt 31 DecemberClick here to sort2020-MARAt 31 MarchClick here to sort2020-JUN1) Most of the staff groups include staff on short term or fixed contracts – these include health professional students and recently retired staff brought in to help during the COVID-19 pandemic. 2) At 30 JuneClick here to sort2020-SEP1) Most of the staff groups include staff on short term or fixed contracts – these include health professional students and recently retired staff brought in to help during the COVID-19 pandemic. 2) At 30 JuneClick here to sort2020-DECAt 31 DecemberClick here to sort2021-MARAt 31 MarchClick here to sort2021-JUNAt 30 JuneClick here to sort2021-SEPAt 30 SeptemberClick here to sort2021-DECAt 31 DecemberClick here to sort2022-MARAt 31 MarchClick here to sort2022-JUNAt 30 June
[Collapse]All other non-medical staff35,901.535,483.434,936.234,908.034,941.835,056.135,922.837,339.338,613.539,587.840,077.140,399.140,539.041,051.241,450.141,963.642,545.343,172.243,808.844,937.645,074.645,445.446,348.647,276.147,189.6
All other non-medical staff[Expand]All Scientific, Therapeutic and Technical staff11,264.711,506.611,471.711,549.011,616.311,670.811,971.512,428.812,799.213,205.613,364.713,446.913,493.613,777.113,871.213,987.814,127.714,511.514,728.914,946.514,873.115,063.215,404.215,678.015,669.9
[Expand]Administration and estates staff16,068.115,471.815,192.415,039.115,120.115,172.415,757.016,580.117,384.017,895.018,218.818,442.418,454.718,686.619,121.919,430.519,550.519,722.420,124.421,379.821,454.821,583.022,023.322,626.522,633.2
[Expand]Health Care Assistants and other support staffDuring 2018 Betsi Cadwaladr and Cwm Taf Health Boards recoded many of their former Health Care Assistants (HCAs) (occupation code H1) as Nursing Assistants / Auxiliaries (N9) bringing them in line with most of the other Health Boards. To show as comparable a position as possible over time, HCAs in previous years are now included within the nursing, midwifery and health visiting group.6,500.36,485.16,241.86,258.86,169.36,160.96,089.86,198.86,254.06,293.56,272.66,280.46,092.96,070.65,928.55,965.96,226.76,174.46,152.55,806.25,921.25,906.05,957.65,981.45,943.6
[Expand]All ambulance staffChanges to the ambulance section of the NHS occupation codes manual in April 2019 - see release for details1,855.11,858.91,872.61,937.31,917.81,947.51,998.32,045.32,084.42,095.22,121.62,131.92,396.72,430.92,440.42,487.52,548.92,669.72,705.02,708.72,720.92,784.12,851.52,876.72,834.0
[Expand]General payments and non-funded staff213.3161.0157.7123.7118.4104.4106.386.391.998.499.497.4101.



Other non medical staff by grade and area of work

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23 November 2022 23 November 2022

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February 2023

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Welsh Government

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NHS electronic staff record

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Workforce Services, NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership

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Local health boards

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English and Welsh

Data licensing

You may use and re-use this data free of charge in any format or medium, under the terms of the Open Government License - see

General description

Assignment count and Full-time equivalent of directly employed NHS staff by grade and area of work. General Medical and Dental Practitioners are excluded as they are independent NHS contractors.

Data collection and calculation

Extracted from the NHS Electronic Staff Record system. Staff groups and areas of work are determined from NHS occupational codes - see linked manual for more detail.

Frequency of publication


Data reference periods

Annually until end September 2018; quarterly from end December 2018 onwards

Users, uses and context

See linked publication.

Rounding applied

Full-time equivalents are rounded to 1 decimal place.

Revisions information

There are no planned revisions.

Statistical quality

See linked publication.


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