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Data Provider: Welsh Government National Statistics Number of underlying items for physical treatments by treatment band and patient type
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Number of teeth: fissure sealants1,0108,6779,687
Number of radiographs taken809,11297,607906,719
Number of teeth: endodontic21,4002,20823,608
Number of teeth: permanent fillings444,973100,901545,874
Number of teeth: extractions191,91944,338236,257
Number of teeth: crowns16,84333517,178
Number of teeth: veneers applied46613479
Number of teeth: inlays202
Number of bridge units5,7291125,841
Number of appointments for treatment involving aerosol generating procedures271,46236,322307,784
Number of teeth: onlay with cusp coverage81617833
Number of teeth: pre-formed crowns6,5141,4137,927
Number of teeth: prevention and stabilisation12,3934,18316,576
Number of sextants: Advanced Perio RSD (Advanced periodontitis and root surface debridement)63,29571164,006
Number of teeth: Upper denture - acrylic220,663302220,965
Number of teeth: Lower denture - acrylic117,97318117,991
Number of teeth: Upper denture - metal2,99092,999
Number of teeth: Lower denture - metal1,31951,324
Number of teeth: Endodontics - non-molar8,8318179,648
Number of teeth: Endodontics - molar6,1479017,048
Number of teeth: Extractions - non-surgical154,97838,094193,072
Number of teeth: Extractions - surgical4,2643454,609


General description

This data shows the number of underlying items for physical treatments in a course of treatment. For example, a course of treatment with a radiograph could consist of ten individual radiographs (the latter would be shown in this data).

Data collection and calculation

The data is derived from dental activity forms submitted for payment and processed by NHS Business Services Authority Dental Services.

The clinical data items in the FP17W form include physical treatments as well as preventative advice and prescribed items. For example, one course of treatment might include clinical dental activity such as a permanent filling, toothbrushing advice, and an antibiotic prescription.

Changes are sometimes made to the clinical data part of the FP17W form. Usually, previous clinical data set items are phased out and new items are added; this will be reflected in the data over time.

This data supersedes previous StatsWales cubes relating to clinical activity. Data in previous StatsWales cubes were based on treatment bands 1 to 3 and urgent only; this data includes all treatment bands.

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Data reference periods

2019-20 onwards

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Number of underlying items for physical treatments by treatment band and patient type

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17 October 2023 17 October 2023

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September 2024 (provisional)

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Welsh Government

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Dental Services, NHS Business Services Authority

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National Statistics

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English only

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You may use and re-use this data free of charge in any format or medium, under the terms of the Open Government License - see


Dental; NHS Dental

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Please find this information in the related statistical publication, as per given weblink.