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Data Provider: Welsh Government National Statistics Annual management of waste by management method (tonnes)
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Total Municipal Waste Collected/Generated1,553,5121,557,2291,543,3571,592,1781,589,7951,549,6841,542,4871,512,1011,488,253
Total Waste Reused/Recycled/Composted (Statutory Target)Total waste reused/recycled/composted as defined by the Statutory Local Authority Recovery Target (LART)811,866846,091868,079958,2591,014,455971,112968,513984,935972,863
Waste sent for other recoveryOther waste sent for recycling and/or composting that is not included in the statutory target definition1,8024,5324,9243,9371,0101,9356,6487,6614,924
Waste Incinerated with Energy Recovery71,88889,907182,961301,906389,599374,458385,764387,469422,802
Waste Incinerated without Energy Recovery3643412456564966777431,2501,271
Waste Landfilled640,904587,390453,497288,820150,984170,510155,198114,10172,200
Percentage of Waste Reused/Recycled/Composted (Statutory Target)Total waste reused/recycled/composted (as defined by the Statutory Local Authority Recovery Target, LART), as a percentage of total municipal waste collected/generated52.354.356.260.263.862.762.865.165.4



Local Authority Municipal Waste Management, 2012-13 onwards

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Last update: November 2021 Last update: November 2021

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October 2022 (provisional)

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Welsh Government

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WasteDataFlow, Natural Resources Wales

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National Statistics

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English and Welsh

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You may use and re-use this data free of charge in any format or medium, under the terms of the Open Government License - see


Local Authority Municipal Waste

General description

Data on municipal waste was collected using an online reporting system for waste data called 'WasteDataFlow'. In Wales, this is managed by Natural Resources Wales.

There is an apparent discrepancy between the total waste figures given for the 'Waste managed (tonnes)' table and other tables. This is because there is a slight mismatch between the amount collected and the amount treated. This can be a matter of timing if, for example, authorities stockpile waste for later treatment. There may also be some inconsistencies in the measurement since the waste is weighed when collected and again when it is sent for treatment.

Data collection and calculation

Natural Resources Wales validate all local authority returns and require that the difference between the amount collected and the amount sent for treatment must not differ by more than 10 per cent in any quarter.

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Data reference periods

2012-13 onwards