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As the demand increases for statistics and data to measure the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had to change our data gathering and release practices, focussing efforts on priority analysis and statistics.

Data Provider: Welsh Government Emissions of Greenhouse Gases by Year
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[Collapse]Total (Kilotonnes)(*) 56,300(r) 56,427(r) 52,517(r) 54,191(r) 56,135(r) 58,088(r) 54,825(r) 47,936(r) 49,070(r) 52,914(r) 50,973(r) 52,141(r) 49,317(r) 50,663(r) 44,314(r) 47,482(r) 44,338(r) 46,124(r) 51,112(r) 46,869(r) 46,545(r) 48,814(r) 42,40138,892
Total (Kilotonnes)Agriculture(*) 6,322(r) 6,322(r) 6,255(r) 6,273(r) 6,392(r) 6,034(r) 5,878(r) 5,694(r) 5,897(r) 5,991(r) 5,788(r) 5,573(r) 5,437(r) 5,119(r) 5,132(r) 5,206(r) 5,212(r) 5,185(r) 5,227(r) 5,467(r) 5,317(r) 5,592(r) 5,6345,600
Business(*) 13,517(r) 13,487(r) 14,266(r) 14,756(r) 16,644(r) 16,538(r) 13,213(r) 9,204(r) 10,460(r) 11,155(r) 10,091(r) 10,537(r) 10,521(r) 9,860(r) 8,202(r) 9,982(r) 8,995(r) 7,891(r) 9,704(r) 9,559(r) 9,357(r) 9,374(r) 9,1318,500
Energy Supply(*) 18,015(r) 18,015(r) 13,088(r) 13,919(r) 13,600(r) 16,434(r) 17,435(r) 15,826(r) 15,187(r) 17,893(r) 17,637(r) 18,841(r) 16,594(r) 19,446(r) 16,514(r) 16,927(r) 16,060(r) 19,433(r) 21,230(r) 17,403(r) 17,657(r) 20,193(r) 14,17311,455
Industrial Process(*) 2,801(r) 2,990(r) 3,134(r) 2,981(r) 3,284(r) 3,319(r) 2,556(r) 1,984(r) 2,578(r) 2,669(r) 2,740(r) 2,731(r) 2,701(r) 2,445(r) 1,478(r) 2,094(r) 1,937(r) 1,440(r) 2,844(r) 3,034(r) 2,771(r) 1,970(r) 2,0051,867
Land Use Change(*) -424(r) -424(r) -522(r) -580(r) -295(r) -296(r) -349(r) -410(r) -435(r) -467(r) -479(r) -513(r) -563(r) -550(r) -591(r) -577(r) -608(r) -484(r) -515(r) -417(r) -452(r) -438(r) -442-444
Public(*) 769(r) 769(r) 705(r) 567(r) 577(r) 553(r) 543(r) 447(r) 445(r) 498(r) 517(r) 457(r) 413(r) 422(r) 378(r) 399(r) 324(r) 366(r) 368(r) 308(r) 329(r) 337(r) 311325
Residential(*) 4,989(r) 4,956(r) 5,135(r) 5,539(r) 5,452(r) 5,270(r) 5,373(r) 5,018(r) 5,029(r) 5,120(r) 4,788(r) 4,695(r) 4,441(r) 4,591(r) 4,389(r) 4,850(r) 3,899(r) 4,207(r) 4,245(r) 3,591(r) 3,650(r) 3,683(r) 3,6113,699
Transport(*) 6,411(r) 6,411(r) 6,431(r) 6,596(r) 6,597(r) 6,461(r) 6,475(r) 6,633(r) 6,586(r) 6,781(r) 6,782(r) 6,785(r) 6,901(r) 6,677(r) 6,405(r) 6,306(r) 6,224(r) 6,044(r) 6,019(r) 6,101(r) 6,183(r) 6,348(r) 6,2416,171
Waste Management(*) 3,282(r) 3,282(r) 3,448(r) 3,447(r) 3,341(r) 3,252(r) 3,155(r) 3,096(r) 2,886(r) 2,769(r) 2,638(r) 2,499(r) 2,353(r) 2,003(r) 1,777(r) 1,663(r) 1,599(r) 1,490(r) 1,436(r) 1,298(r) 1,249(r) 1,260(r) 1,2581,244
Exports(*) 619(r) 619(r) 577(r) 694(r) 542(r) 521(r) 545(r) 445(r) 437(r) 505(r) 470(r) 537(r) 517(r) 651(r) 630(r) 634(r) 696(r) 552(r) 554(r) 525(r) 483(r) 495(r) 479474


Emissions of greenhouse gases within Wales

Last update
July 2020 July 2020

Next update
June 2021

Publishing organisation
Welsh Government

Source 1
National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

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Lowest level of geographical disaggregation

Geographical coverage

Languages covered
English and Welsh

Data licensing
You may use and re-use this data free of charge in any format or medium, under the terms of the Open Government License - see

General description
Territorial emissions of greenhouse gases by sector (million tonnes carbon dioxide equivalent).

Data collection and calculation
All emission estimates include the basket of 7 Kyoto greenhouse gases in kilotonnes of CO2 equivalent. Data excludes international aviation and shipping.

Frequency of publication

Data reference periods
1990 onwards.

Revisions information
A programme of continuous research and improvement of the inventory operates to ensure that the inventory reflects the latest scientific understanding and international agreements on emissions reporting. Each year the latest set of data is added to the inventory and the full time-series is updated to take account of improved data and any advances in the methodology used to estimate the emissions. Updating the full time-series, making re-calculations where necessary, is an important process as it ensures that the full emissions dataset is based on the latest available data, and the inventory estimates are calculated using a consistent approach across the full time-series.

Statistical quality
The producers are audited and the base UK inventory is subject to a rigorous annual programme of expert reviews (UN, EU), and frequent bilateral and peer reviews. These activities analyse the methods, assumptions and data sources that underpin UK submissions and assess the transparency, accuracy, completeness, time-series consistency and comparability (against other reporting countries) of the UK inventory.

Greenhouse Gas emissions