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Data Provider: Welsh Government Recorded fly-tipping incidents by local authority

These figures are published as Official Statistics. The total number of fly-tipping incidents recorded by local authorities in Wales should be greater or equal to the total number of fly-tipping incidents by size, as it relates to the fly-tipping incidents cleared by the local authority only, not those cleared by others. However, after carrying out quality assurance checks on historic data this was found not to be the case for 2007-08 and 2010-11. To ensure this issue doesn’t occur in future years, validation processes will be improved to ensure consistency between data relating to incidents recorded by local authorities and incidents cleared by local authorities.

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Wales[Collapse]North Wales6,6427,71410,77512,3588,0256,5655,9696,3405,8955,7305,9755,7645,6225,035
North WalesIsle of Anglesey1,5302,6131,9991,5851,0458011,1031,3201,7671,8312,0101,5671,7121,305
[Collapse]Mid and South West Wales12,70412,97811,0689,5378,1567,1797,0957,5719,05610,8919,2148,7608,8368,470
Mid and South West WalesPowys8551,5842,4352,0331,6145516586828041,0191,0131,4361,225494
Neath Port Talbot1,6311,5571,0498331,1372,1071,4061,2691,2671,2711,0501,0561,3301,404
[Collapse]South East Wales35,49541,30333,50626,28425,56922,66721,81219,02316,76219,63823,42520,91020,61820,037
South East WalesBridgend1,0742,0424826648276848541,0331,0861,0861,2831,6041,9371,788
Vale of Glamorgan2,6301,5461,3911,5981,3889798331,048906532612324357371
Rhondda Cynon Taff3,4783,2573,9503,9614,4483,8643,1933,9354,2524,0234,2523,3493,2472,946
Merthyr Tydfil1,5471,4821,5671,3548501,1281,4161,3201,0101,6821,9702,2732,9091,850
Blaenau Gwent2853943812302371773344837267238459551,1671,327



Local Authority Recorded Fly-tipping

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February 2021 February 2021

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November 2021

Publishing organisation

Welsh Government

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WasteDataFlow, Natural Resources Wales

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Lowest level of geographical disaggregation

Local authorities

Geographical coverage

Local authorities

Languages covered

English and Welsh

Data licensing

You may use and re-use this data free of charge in any format or medium, under the terms of the Open Government License - see

General description

Summary of fly-tipping incidents, enforcement actions and prosecution outcomes.

Data collection and calculation

The statistics are based on the returns made by local authorities to the Waste Data Flow database. The statistics do not cover fly-tipping incidents on private land, and not all incidents of fly-tipping will be reported to the local authority.

The costs for the size categories (single items, single black bags, car boot or less, small van loads and transit van loads) are set in the system based on national averages. For the other categories (tipper lorry loads and significant multiple loads), the costs are entered by the local authority. As these costs vary, a rise or decrease in incidents will not necessarily have the same rise or decrease in costs.

It should be noted that prosecutions do not necessarily take place in the same year as the relevant fly-tipping incident occurs.

Whilst fly-tipping figures are no longer designated as “National Statistics”, they continue to be published in accordance with the Code of Practice for Official Statistics.

Frequency of publication


Data reference periods

2006-07 onwards

Users, uses and context

Data on fly-tipping in Wales is collected in order to help the Welsh Government, local authorities and other agencies to monitor the situation in Wales

Revisions information

Revisions are marked with an (r).

Statistical quality

The statistics are based on the returns made by local authorities to the Waste Data Flow database. The statistics do not cover fly-tipping incidents on private land, and not all incidents of fly-tipping will be reported to the local authority.

Further data is provided in the Quality Report.