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As the demand increases for statistics and data to measure the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had to change our data gathering and release practices, focussing efforts on priority analysis and statistics.
Data Provider: Welsh Government Management Information Projects and attendances by provision type and measure
YearFinancial Year End [Filtered]
[Collapse]Local Authority22 local authorities plus entry for all Wales [Filtered]
Local Authority 1[Filter]
Area Code[Filter]
MeasureAttendance of young people at project settings and number of locations [Filtered]
Provision TypeProvision type of projects [Filter]
Click here to sortNumber of projects which apply to each provisionClick here to sortOf which: delivered solely by the Youth ServiceClick here to sortOf which: delivered by the Youth Service in partnership with one or more other statutory or voluntary bodiesClick here to sortTotal number of registered young people attending these projectsAvailable only to 2012-13, this is a separate count of the number of registered Reach members attending each project under each provision type is given.  Note that although the member should be counted once only at each project, if that project covers a number of provision types, then he/she will be counted under each of those provision types.Click here to sortProvision delivered through Welsh languageData collected from 2013-14
Accreditation1,659970689.The data item is not applicable424
After school clubs2,8662,711155.The data item is not applicable396
Alternative curriculum936547389.The data item is not applicable146
Arts and drama2,0391,516523.The data item is not applicable388
Black and ethnic minorities1,099703396.The data item is not applicable89
Other minority groups273132141.The data item is not applicable55
Citizenship1,310749561.The data item is not applicable219
Disabilities1,076870206.The data item is not applicable158
Duke of Edinburgh521358163.The data item is not applicable77
European and international1505595.The data item is not applicable32
Gender specific31624571.The data item is not applicable35
Health and wellbeing3,5522,556996.The data item is not applicable805
Holiday scheme1,5811,363218.The data item is not applicable333
Information and marketing events1,118488630.The data item is not applicable142
Information technology599250349.The data item is not applicable129
NEET966575391.The data item is not applicable117
One-to-one2,7712,242529.The data item is not applicable302
Participation/Forum/Council971594377.The data item is not applicable229
Residential536418118.The data item is not applicable81
Sports and physical activity4,3493,1461,203.The data item is not applicable929
Welsh culture1,012591421.The data item is not applicable455
Welsh languageData collected until 2012-13. Welsh langauge provision collected from 2013-14.The data item is not applicable.The data item is not applicable.The data item is not applicable.The data item is not applicable.The data item is not applicable
Young offenders349176173.The data item is not applicable14
Young parents15110447.The data item is not applicable12
Information services1,8781,024854.The data item is not applicable506
Provision which supports and enables Welsh languageData collected from 2013-14.  Previously collected and defined as Welsh language.1,4131,087326.The data item is not applicable931
Total33,49123,47010,021.The data item is not applicable7,004



Youth service - Projects and attendance by type of provision

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10 June 2021 10 June 2021

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June 2022

Publishing organisation

Welsh Government

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Youth Service data collection, Welsh Government

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Languages covered

English only

Data licensing

You may use and re-use this data free of charge in any format or medium, under the terms of the Open Government License - see

General description

The information presented here shows breakdown of projects in the Welsh Youth Service by local authority and provision type.

Data collection and calculation

The information presented here is collected via annual returns from local authorities as at 31 March each year. Please refer to the guidance notes and data collection form for a description of the criteria for each question and details of the format in which the data are collected (see weblinks).

Frequency of publication


Data reference periods

For the 2010-11 and 2011-12 surveys, there has been a considerable amount of work on guidance and definitions to ensure a consistent approach between authorities, to clarify some known issues with earlier surveys, and to reflect current policy. As such, this dataset does not contain any direct comparisons with years prior to 2010-11, as it would provide an inaccurate picture in terms of qualitative outcomes and impact. Data for prior years can be found in the sub-folder ‘Data to 2009-10’.

In 2011-12 and 2012-13, Isle of Anglesey were unable to supply membership accurate estimates. For 2011-12 estimates have been brought forward from 2010-11. No data has been included for 2012-13.

Users, uses and context

Please find this information in the related statistical publication, as per the given weblink.

Rounding applied


Revisions information

Data prior to the last period covered have been revised since previously published. Revisions are marked in the data with an (r).

As these data also form part of other data collections, for example counts of properties which are compliant with the Welsh Housing Quality Standard, it is possible that the data will be subject to minor revision in due course. If necessary, for example where revisions are significant, these amendments will also be included in a revised formal release of data (see weblinks).

Statistical quality

Please find more on this in the related statistical publication, as per the given weblink.
Note that the quality of the data collected through this survey continues to develop, as centrally we improve the guidance and definitions used within the survey, and locally youth services refine their management systems, which were purchased using funding from the Welsh Government revenue grant allocation for 2009-10, to ensure that all the data gathered for the audit is robust, current and accurate. Both of these issues impact upon the comparability of data from year to year.


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