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As the demand increases for statistics and data to measure the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had to change our data gathering and release practices, focussing efforts on priority analysis and statistics.

Data Provider: Welsh Government Expenditure by source and year

Archived (English only) – No longer updated.

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[Collapse]Total spending37,072,30239,844,01644,062,51741,568,336
Total spendingStaffing (youth work management and delivery staff)21,500,57523,219,38623,731,04323,930,235
Staffing (other staff e.g. administrative)2,993,9832,665,7803,262,2402,500,254
Expenditure on training or staff development780,480830,512640,452630,139
Capital expenditure1,131,7731,100,7653,090,7652,774,007
Expenditure on accommodation (rent, maintenance, services and any other costs)3,487,8944,110,2563,508,7923,462,335
Expenditure on resources4,821,0825,161,6043,697,5804,251,066
Amount of grant aid to the voluntary sector (if from the youth service budget)845,461862,798918,983672,268
WAG Revenue Grant to partners - voluntary/statutory..101,735794,580
WAG Capital Grant to partners - voluntary/statutory..847,382937,309
Other specified spending1,511,0541,892,9144,263,5451,616,142
[Collapse]Total voluntary sector funding2,759,0222,054,8482,123,8821,840,168
Total voluntary sector fundingGrant aid to the voluntary sector (from wider LA budget)2,759,0221,899,4891,989,4781,705,295
In-kind support to the voluntary sector (e.g. payroll services or use of buildings etc)45,950155,359134,404134,873


YTHS0009: Youth Service Finance - Expenditure

Statistical Directorate, Welsh Assembly Government

Last Update: 13th April 2011
Next Update: No longer updated.

Source: Youth Service Audit, Welsh Assembly Government

Please refer to the guidance notes and data collection form for a description of the criteria for each question and details of the format in which the data are collected. The form and guidance are available on the Welsh Assembly Government website<a href= target=_blank> statistics</a> pages.

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