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Data Provider: Welsh Government Experimental Statistics Average (mean and median) full-time equivalent teacher salary by local authority and post
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WalesIsle of Anglesey25,39634,38342,00339,668*Numbers greater than zero but less than five.55,96963,39659,46642,951
Gwynedd25,90032,73242,02839,280.The data item is not applicable53,02461,85756,77342,498
Conwy27,27933,46942,31240,208.The data item is not applicable55,18265,08759,06643,018
Denbighshire30,75934,01343,83340,899.The data item is not applicable60,06972,30464,61944,377
Flintshire28,17233,85643,88040,880.The data item is not applicable59,12572,59664,56644,219
Wrexham26,85532,54041,83538,972.The data item is not applicable55,91769,22261,06042,099
Powys25,07235,12443,86541,152*Numbers greater than zero but less than five.57,58266,03360,87644,405
Ceredigion28,37135,07143,94341,564.The data item is not applicable58,07966,86861,07744,929
Pembrokeshire23,29433,18341,73139,018.The data item is not applicable56,66666,61360,56341,890
Carmarthenshire27,22835,20444,56242,126.The data item is not applicable59,52274,06864,63345,003
Neath Port Talbot23,49835,14943,98741,314.The data item is not applicable62,54174,70167,14144,694
Bridgend26,41933,23142,07739,658.The data item is not applicable59,07073,83964,71042,601
Vale of Glamorgan23,40632,68042,02939,353*Numbers greater than zero but less than five.60,06576,96865,14842,705
Rhondda Cynon Taf26,88033,34643,88840,839.The data item is not applicable60,09776,51165,99745,047
Merthyr Tydfil25,53933,44743,41340,591.The data item is not applicable58,66674,80964,36444,040
Caerphilly26,83832,80442,01139,213.The data item is not applicable57,46073,16462,22542,453
Blaenau Gwent26,56133,77344,07940,916*Numbers greater than zero but less than five.62,00782,01568,69444,978
Torfaen24,88534,16143,97440,909*Numbers greater than zero but less than five.63,18078,00068,25543,730
Newport26,13134,38144,09041,067*Numbers greater than zero but less than five.62,81981,64868,59644,311



Average (mean and median) full-time equivalent teacher salary by local authority

Last update

July 2023 July 2023

Next update

July 2024 (provisional)

Publishing organisation

Welsh Government

Source 1

School Workforce Annual Census

Contact email


Experimental statistics

Lowest level of geographical disaggregation

Local authorities

Geographical coverage

Local authorities

Languages covered

English and Welsh

Data licensing

You may use and re-use this data free of charge in any format or medium, under the terms of the Open Government License - see

General description

The data covers different aspects of the school workforce in Wales, using the data collected from the School Workforce Annual Census (SWAC).

Data collection and calculation

School teachers pay data are derived from the School Workforce Annual Census (SWAC) returns in November each year. The returns are completed by local authorities and those schools which have opted-out of payroll and / or HR service level agreements with their local authority.

Frequency of publication


Data reference periods

From 2019/20 onwards.

Users, uses and context

Information relating to pay (including average salary and distribution across pay ranges) are based on information submitted in the SWAC Pay, HR and Absences return. Records from this return were linked to the SWAC School return using the minimum data set to provide a breakdown by school sector (i.e. primary, secondary etc). Where no corresponding record was identified in the SWAC School return their sector has been recorded as ‘Other’.

The teachers’ pay award for academic year 2022/23 was not finalised and implemented until after the SWAC census date. As a result, figures on teachers’ pay in this release do not fully reflect the pay uplift for 2022/23. See the School Workforce Annual Census – background information for further information.

Rounding applied

* = teacher headcount is greater than zero and less than five.

Statistical quality

The information collected for 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 have not undergone a formal final validation period. However, various stages of automated validation and sense-checking are built into the process to ensure a high quality of data to inform policy making. A final validation period is being considered to be introduced for future collections for schools and LAs to review the information they return, and re-submit their data where errors are identified prior to publication.


SWAC; Teachers; Workforce; Pay; Salary