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Data Provider: Welsh Government National Statistics Permanent exclusions by local authority and year

Permanent exclusions by local authority and year

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[Collapse]Secondary Schools[Collapse]Permanent[Collapse]Wales3563524013882592121941631429289
Wales[Collapse]Central South Wales83991049274697167481835
Central South WalesBridgend921191813119125212
Merthyr Tydfil137744382211
Rhondda, Cynon, Taff1131009815616
The Vale of Glamorgan77831006434
[Collapse]North Wales931051001205335232622225
North WalesConwy151931344114300
Isle of Anglesey201512181102030
[Collapse]South East Wales8987988833384035412528
South East WalesBlaenau Gwent1312415124543
[Collapse]South West and Mid Wales9161998899706035312721
South West and Mid WalesCarmarthenshire1582117227115721
Neath Port Talbot36122321242318118108


SCHS0141: Exclusions from Schools - Local Authorities

School Statistics, Welsh Assembly Government

<TITLE>SCHS0070: Exclusions from Schools - Local Authorities</TITLE>
Source: Pupils' Attendance Record, Welsh Assembly Government

<p>Contact: <a></a>

<p>Data on pupils excluded during each school term in Wales is collected from Local Authorities via the Welsh Assembly Government Statistical Directorate's Exclusion Monitoring Form.

<p>The data relate to permanent and fixed-term exclusions from maintained primary schools, secondary schools, special schools and pupil referral units in Wales. Please note that an individual pupil may be excluded more than once. This includes only exclusions from schools within the local authority, as opposed to exclusions of residents who attend schools in other local authorities. Permanent exclusions only include those that have been upheld by the Governing Body's Pupil Discipline Committee.

<p>Due to the effect of managed moves, comparisons over time for permanent exclusions should be interpreted with caution. However, not all Local Authorities have seen a decrease in the number of permanent exclusions.

<p>A <b>permanent exclusion</b> refers to a pupil who is excluded and their name is removed from the school register. Such a pupil would then be educated at another school or via some form of alternative provision.

<p>A <b>fixed period exclusion</b> refers to a pupil who is excluded from a school but remains on the register of that school because they are expected to return when the exclusion period is completed.

<p>A <b>managed move</b> is an arrangement whereby parents of pupils in danger of exclusion agree with schools and local authorities that it is in the best interests of their child that they be removed from the roll of the current school and placed in another educational establishment.

Exclusion; Expulsion; Suspension


SCHS0141 LEA Exclusions