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Data Provider: Welsh Government National Statistics National level results, by subject and year
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EnglishEnglish - Oracy.......
English - Reading.......78.478.579.980.881.983.284.886.687.888.989.790.590.6
English - Writing.......73.372.573.
WelshWelsh - Oracy.......79.476.079.982.884.384.386.088.789.891.892.092.390.8
Welsh - Reading.......76.073.477.
Welsh - Writing.......
[Expand]Core Subject Indicator61.163.868.169.670.671.974.374.274.175.577.


Key Stage 2

Last update
8 August 2018 8 August 2018

Next update
August 2019

Publishing organisation
Welsh Government

Source 1
National teacher assessment data collection, Welsh Government

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National Statistics

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Geographical coverage

Languages covered
English and Welsh

Data licensing
You may use and re-use this data free of charge in any format or medium, under the terms of the Open Government License - see

General description
It is statutory to assess pupils in Year 6 at Key Stage 2.

Data collection and calculation
Data is collated into an electronic return and submitted to the Welsh Government through DEWi, a secure online data transfer system developed by the Welsh Government. Various stages of automated validation and sense-checking are built into the process to ensure a high quality of data.

Frequency of publication

Data reference periods

KS2; Key Stage; Teacher Assessments; Key Stage