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As the demand increases for statistics and data to measure the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had to change our data gathering and release practices, focussing efforts on priority analysis and statistics.

Data Provider: Welsh Government National Statistics Cumulative totals of applications for Education Maintenance Allowances by academic year and workstage
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June (end of AY).22,56527,99025,79528,39530,28531,55031,93033,65038,33038,48035,17033,280
July (end of AY).22,55027,85025,61028,33530,29031,46531,90534,27038,34538,49035,20033,290
August (end of AY).22,61027,87025,63028,33030,46531,48031,91533,88038,36538,50035,20533,295


Cumulative Totals of applications for EMAs, by academic year and workstage

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20 May 2020 20 May 2020

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17 June 2020

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Welsh Government

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National Statistics

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English only

Data licensing
You may use and re-use this data free of charge in any format or medium, under the terms of the Open Government License - see

General description
This table presents the number of applications for Education Maintenance Allowances (EMAs), to date in the current academic year, from students in Welsh schools or further education institutions.

Data collection and calculation
Data seen here are taken from the SLC's official data warehouse and are based on the same definitions used for the Statistical First Release.

Frequency of publication

Data reference periods
Data correct as at 30 April 2020

The data are based on applications received as at the end of each calendar month.

Users, uses and context
EMAs were introduced for 16 year olds in the 2004/05 academic year with the scheme extended to 17 year olds in 2005/06 and 18 year olds in 2006/07 (19 year olds are also eligible in certain circumstances and therefore would be included in figures from 2007/08 onwards). The scheme is designed as an incentive for students from lower-income families to remain in full-time education after the age at which compulsory schooling ends. The EMA is a weekly allowance, paid fortnightly to students in Welsh institutions.

From academic year 2011/12, students new to EMA can only qualify for an award of £30 per week, depending on household income and family circumstances. Students who received EMA in 2010/11 who returned to education and met the same eligibility criteria as for 2010/11 continued getting their EMA at £10, £20 or £30 per week. These students have since exited the system.

Rounding applied
Figures are rounded to the nearest 5. Due to rounding the sums of some rows or columns may not add to the total figure given. Numbers less than 5 (but not zero) are represented by *

Statistical quality
StatsWales figures are updated monthly and are correct at time of publication. They are subject to revisions following further SLC processing, for example due to applications being reclassified from EMA to Pathways to Apprenticeships or vice versa. For this reason, all figures should be treated as provisional until 30 September of the given academic year, since they are still subject to change (e.g. figures for 2015/16 are provisional until 30 September 2016).

Previous years' data are confirmed as final. Data for years 2004/05 to 2008/09 are correct as at 8 March 2010.

EMA; Further Education; FE; Post-16, Education Maintenance Allowance