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Data Provider: Welsh Government Pupils known not to be in education, employment or training (NEET) by gender

Archived (English only) – No longer updated.

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Destination 3
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Total number in cohort[Collapse]Known not to be in Education, Training or Employment6.
Known not to be in Education, Training or Employment[Expand]Able to enter employment etc90.089.289.789.788.888.985.989.4
[Expand]Unable to enter employment etc10.010.810.310.311.


EDUC0054: Trends in pupil destinations by gender

ELLS, Welsh Government

Last update: April 2013
Was added to StatsWales: April 2013
Next update: April 2014 (provisional)
Will be added to StatsWales by: April 2014 (provisional)
Source: Careers Wales

This table presents information on the destinations of Year 11 and Year 13 students from the annual survey of school leavers undertaken by Careers Wales on behalf of the National Assembly for Wales. The data was collected on 31st October 2011 by the six regional careers companies.

Pencentages are rounded to 1 decimal place and therefore may not always total to 100 per cent.

National figures may mask variances at careers company, local authority and institution level across all cohorts.

EDUC0054 Trends of pupil destinations by gender