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Data Provider: Welsh Government National Statistics Accidental primary fires by cause and location
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[Collapse]SourceSource of Ignition is the source of the flame, spark or heat that started the fire. [Filtered]
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[Collapse]LocationLocation is the type of premises, property or countryside in which the fire started. This is not necessarily the type of premises in which most casualties or damage occurred as a result of the fire. (Ascending)[Filter]
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[Collapse]CauseCause of fire is the defect, act or omission leading to ignition of the fire. [Filtered]
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[Collapse]All locations of accidental primary firesClick here to sortAll locations of accidental primary fires
Click here to sortDwellingsDwellings are defined as buildings occupied by households, excluding hotels, hostels and residential institutions.  These figures include mobile homes and any non-permanent structures used solely as a dwelling, such as houseboats.Click here to sortOther buildingsClick here to sortRoad vehiclesClick here to sortOther
[Collapse]All causes of accidental primary fires11,9625,0346,2091,35224,557
All causes of accidental primary firesFaulty fuel supply1,2928781,9042004,274
Faulty leads or applianceFaults and defects within equipment/appliance only.<br />Includes lack of maintenance, worn out, wrongly adjusted/installed.1,7309808851003,695
Misuse of equipment or appliance3,80350641584,408
Chip pan/deep fat fryerIncludes where left unattended.816188711,012
Playing with fire621311692
Careless handling99626561891,411
Placing articles too close to heat1,5904611791232,353
OtherIncludes: \'Person too close to heat source\', \'vehicle crash or collision\', \'chimney fire\', \'bonfire going out of control\', \'other intentional burning, going out of control\', \'accumulation of flammable material\', \'natural occurrence\', \'overheating, unknown cause\' and \'other\'.1,6731,7433,1317657,312



Accidental primary fires by cause and source of ignition

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October 2023 October 2023

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September 2024

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Welsh Government

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Fire incident recording system, Home Office

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National Statistics

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Fire and rescue authorities

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English and Welsh

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General description

The table shows accidental primary fires attended by the Fire and Rescue Authorities in Wales, by source of ignition, cause and location type.
Data in this table are for primary fires only as cause and source of ignition are not collected for secondary and chimney fires.
Added to StatsWales: May 2013
Data are taken from the Incident Recording System.
2009-10 data were extracted in May 2011.
2010-11 data were extracted in May 2012.
2011-12 data were extracted in May 2013.
2012-13 data were extracted in May 2014.
2013-14 data were extracted in June 2015.
2014-15 data were extracted in July 2016.
2015-16 data were extracted in July 2017.
2016-17 data were extracted from IRS in July 2018.
2017-18 data were extracted from IRS in July 2019.
2018-19 data were extracted from IRS in September 2020
2019-20 data were extracted from IRS in August 2021.
2020-21 data were extracted from IRS in August 2022.
2021-22 and 2022-23 data were extracted from IRS in August 2023.
2022-23 data are currently provisional and will be updated September 2024.

Source: The Home Office

Data collection and calculation

Data were collected via the Incident Recording System (IRS).

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Data reference periods

Financial years 2009-10 to 2022-23

Users, uses and context

The data are used to inform policy decisions and to provide contextual information. The data is used by the Welsh Government to help monitor trends in incidents attended by FRAs over time and provides information on FRAs’ performance and activities to citizens and communities in Wales.
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