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As the demand increases for statistics and data to measure the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had to change our data gathering and release practices, focussing efforts on priority analysis and statistics.

Data Provider: Welsh Government National Statistics Casualties from accidental fires, by type of casualty
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[Expand]Fatal Casualties1620208151516131516
[Collapse]Non-fatal Casualties468553522501553502530546479318
Non-fatal Casualties[Collapse]Went to hospital200247204206197182235181188139
Went to hospitalWent to hospital, injuries appear to be serious40393634323150313433
Went to hospital, injuries appear to be slight160208168172165151185150154106
[Expand]First Aid given at scene18516515617820616314317012991
[Expand]Precautionary check recommended8314116211715015715219516288
[Expand]Rescued (UnInjured)83689185976882838458


Casualties from accidental fires, by type of casualty

Last update
August 2019 August 2019

Next update
August 2020

Publishing organisation
Welsh Government

Source 1
Fire incident recording system, Home Office

Contact email

National Statistics

Lowest level of geographical disaggregation
Fire and rescue authorities

Geographical coverage
Fire and rescue authorities

Languages covered
English and Welsh

Data licensing
You may use and re-use this data free of charge in any format or medium, under the terms of the Open Government License - see

General description
This table shows numbers of fatalities, non-fatal casualties and rescues in accidental fires.
Since 2009-10 data have been extracted from the Incident Recording System (IRS). This is a live system and consequently it is possible that data extracted at a different time may not match the figures in this table. For instance the data published in the Performance Indicator tables are extracted at a different time and so may not match exactly those presented here.
Non-fatal casualties marked as 'not fire-related' have not been excluded (from 2009-10 onwards) due to widespread inappropriate use of this field. Therefore there is a possible discontinuity in the time series between 2008-09 and 2009-10.

Added to StatsWales: November 2018
Source: The Home Office
Data for 2001-02 to 2008-09 were taken from the paper FDR1 forms.
Data from 2009-10 onwards were extracted from IRS.
2009-10 data were extracted from IRS in May 2011.
2010-11 data were extracted from IRS in May 2012.
2011-12 data were extracted from IRS in May 2013.
2012-13 data were extracted from IRS in May 2014.
2013-14 data were extracted in June 2015.
2014-15 data were extracted in July 2016.
2015-16 data were extracted in July 2017.
2016-17 data were extracted from IRS in July 2018.
2017-18 and 2018-19 data were extracted from IRS in July 2019.
2018-19 data are currently provisional and will be updated August 2020.

Data collection and calculation
Data from 2009-10 onwards were collected via the Incident Recording System (IRS).

Frequency of publication

Data reference periods
Financial years 2009-10 to 2018-19

Users, uses and context
The data are used to inform policy decisions and to provide contextual information. The data is used by the Welsh Government to help monitor trends in incidents attended by FRAs over time and provides information on FRAs’ performance and activities to citizens and communities in Wales.
See web link for further information.

Rounding applied

Revisions information
Revisions are marked with an (r). The most recent year shown is currently provisional and may be revised when the table is next updated.

Statistical quality
See weblinks

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