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As the demand increases for statistics and data to measure the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had to change our data gathering and release practices, focussing efforts on priority analysis and statistics.

Data Provider: Welsh Government National Statistics Labour disputes in Wales by measure, industry and year

Archived (English only) – No longer updated.

Area 1[Filtered]
Industry 1
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Working days lost[Collapse]All industries and services13156032461980103136249551420128
All industries and servicesManufacturing212100052420250000
Transport, storage and communication31330106200020270711
Public administration and defence021310301031524054164601927
All other industries and services-1-1100225-000000027
[Collapse]Days lost per 1,000 employees[Expand]All industries and services1415623246177492825141481217109
Workers involved[Collapse]All industries and services55141142574415266393997144
All industries and servicesManufacturing111000000210150000
Transport, storage and communication2150101200010160701
Public administration and defence012003021621106517290631
All other industries and services01-10000300000000-30
Number of stoppages[Collapse]All industries and services1316258811791110199162056928
All industries and servicesManufacturing335202013430250122
Transport, storage and communication535176421123030223
Public administration and defence3271010352112332012
All other industries and services1411111141422610210


Econ0055: Labour disputes in Wales

ELMS, Welsh Government

Last update: 20 Jun 2012
Was added to StatsWales: 20 Jun 2012

Next Update: No longer updated.
Will be added to StatsWales by: Jun 2013

Source: Office for National Statistics

The Office for National Statistics compiles labour disputes statistics by deriving data from a number of sources: the employer or trade union involved, regular centralised returns from certain major industries and public bodies; and articles in a selection of national and regional newspapers.

Information collected from press cuttings is confirmed with the employer for accuracy. However, if a strike is identified through, for example, press cuttings, but the employer does not want to divulge information, an estimate of days lost and number of workers involved will be made based on the figures given in the press cuttings.

Labour disputes data are collected when a dispute occurs.

Data are made available by industry and cause. They exclude disputes which do not result in a stoppage of work, stoppages involving fewer than ten workers or lasting less than one day unless the total number of working days lost in the dispute is 100 or more. Data are available relating to the number of disputes, the number of workers involved and the number of working days lost.

The data are based on as full coverage as possible given the definitions above, and so are not based on a sample survey. However, errors may arise due to incomplete coverage, in which case the estimated number of stoppages will be affected more than the estimate of the number of working days lost.

Figures for the number of working days lost and the numbers of workers involved are rounded to the nearest 1000 and so there may be some apparent slight discrepancies between the sum of constituent items and the totals as shown.