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Data Provider: Welsh Government National Statistics Employee jobs in tourism-related industries by area and year
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[Collapse]Great Britain2,678,4002,654,6002,704,2002,736,7002,843,400(r) 2,928,100(p) 3,029,200
Great Britain[Collapse]England2,310,5002,295,5002,344,3002,374,9002,454,300(r) 2,547,500(p) 2,615,900
EnglandNorth East95,60096,100108,900103,300103,60095,700(p) 111,100
North West299,500285,000290,100291,200296,000315,600(p) 330,500
Yorkshire and the Humber209,000203,300190,500197,000211,600224,000(p) 224,500
East Midlands180,400158,300160,100150,300172,700165,600(p) 164,900
West Midlands209,100194,000203,100212,100206,300(r) 219,800(p) 227,400
East212,800218,100217,800229,400228,500246,100(p) 244,900
London481,300492,700506,500550,900559,800576,900(p) 609,200
South East361,200373,100411,700380,400409,700423,500(p) 435,200
South West261,600275,000255,500260,300266,200280,300(p) 268,300
[Collapse]Wales115,500117,600113,300125,000123,800(r) 125,100(p) 131,300
WalesIsle of Anglesey3,1003,2003,3003,6003,6003,600(p) 3,900
Gwynedd7,7007,5007,0008,6008,5007,000(p) 8,100
Conwy7,1007,1006,9007,7007,9007,700(p) 8,200
Denbighshire4,4004,0004,0004,7004,3004,500(p) 4,600
Flintshire4,4004,6004,8005,1004,8004,600(p) 5,000
Wrexham3,6003,9003,8004,6004,2004,200(p) 4,000
Powys5,9005,8005,7006,2005,9006,100(p) 6,400
Ceredigion3,2003,4003,4003,6003,6003,400(p) 4,200
Pembrokeshire7,0007,2006,9007,7007,8007,800(p) 8,600
Carmarthenshire4,8005,1004,9005,6005,700(r) 6,400(p) 6,300
Swansea9,4009,9009,6009,7009,90010,000(p) 10,900
Neath Port Talbot3,4003,3003,3003,6003,6003,600(p) 3,900
Bridgend4,4004,2003,9004,9004,5004,300(p) 4,500
Vale of Glamorgan2,3002,2002,1002,5002,6002,700(p) 2,600
Cardiff17,80019,20017,70019,50020,10020,100(p) 21,900
Rhondda Cynon Taf6,0006,3006,2006,0005,9006,200(p) 5,700
Merthyr Tydfil1,6001,7001,7001,8001,8001,900(p) 1,800
Caerphilly4,0003,9003,4003,9003,9003,900(p) 3,700
Blaenau Gwent1,3001,4001,9001,6001,5001,600(p) 1,900
Torfaen4,3004,2004,2004,7004,6004,900(p) 4,800
Monmouthshire3,7003,8003,4004,0003,7004,600(p) 4,400
Newport6,0006,1005,4005,6005,5005,900(p) 5,800
[Expand]Scotland252,400241,600246,600236,700265,300255,600(p) 281,900


Employee jobs by industry (SIC07)

Last update
29 September 2016 29 September 2016

Next update
September 2017

Publishing organisation
Welsh Government

Source 1
Business Register Employment Survey (BRES), Office for National Statistics

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National Statistics

Lowest level of geographical disaggregation
Local authorities

Geographical coverage
GB regions

Languages covered
English only

Data licensing
You may use and re-use this data free of charge in any format or medium, under the terms of the Open Government License - see

General description
These data are counts of civilian jobs of employees in various industry groupings, paid for by employers who run a Pay-As-You-Earn scheme and/or are registered for VAT.
The data for 2011 are not consistent with previous years due to improvements in the estimation of working proprietors. ONS plan to release the 2010 data on a consistent basis with 2011 in December. Further information can be found at:
The self-employed, HM forces, homeworkers and private servants are excluded.

Data collection and calculation
The figures are taken from the Business Register Employers Survey (BRES) run by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and are based on SIC07. As the results come from a survey, the results are sample-based estimates and therefore subject to differing degrees of sampling variability, i.e. the true value for any measure lies in a differing range about the estimated value. This range or sampling variability increases as the detail in the data increases, for example individual industry data are subject to higher variability than the all industries data.
The data themselves are to be found on the National On-line Manpower Information System (or NOMIS - see

Frequency of publication

Data reference periods
2008 to 2015

Rounding applied
Figures are rounded to the nearest 100 and so there may be some apparent slight discrepancies between the sum of constituent items and the totals as shown. Some data are suppressed for disclosure reasons

Employee jobs