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Data Provider: Welsh Government National Statistics Value of exports by product, quarter and UK country (£m)
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[Collapse]Total(p,r) 4,134(p,r) 7,000(p,r) 2,158(p,r) 74,977(p,r) 2,156(p,r) 6,578(p,r) 83,711
Total[Collapse]Food and Live Animals(p,r) 131(p,r) 358(p,r) 359(p,r) 3,155(p) 73(p,r) 340(p,r) 3,568
Food and Live AnimalsLive Animals Other Than Animals Of Division 03(p) 9(p) 10(p) 5(p,r) 97(p) 2(p) 2(p,r) 101
Meat and Meat Preparations(p,r) 25(p,r) 26(p,r) 84(p,r) 431(p) 12(p,r) 19(p,r) 461
Dairy Products and Birds' Eggs(p,r) 30(p,r) 13(p,r) 135(p,r) 387(p) 7(p,r) 58(p,r) 452
Fish, Crustaceans, Molluscs and Aquatic Inverterbrates and Preparations Thereof(p,r) 7(p,r) 206(p,r) 17(p,r) 362(p) 35(p,r) 14(p,r) 411
Cereals and Cereal Preparations(p,r) 21(p,r) 35(p,r) 37(p,r) 506(p) 2(p,r) 29(p,r) 537
Vegetables and Fruit(p,r) 4(p,r) 15(p,r) 23(p,r) 285(p) 2(p,r) 11(p,r) 298
Sugar, Sugar Preparations and Honey(p,r) 2(p,r) 4(p,r) 5(p,r) 100(p) 1(p,r) 9(p,r) 110
Coffee, Tea, Cocoa, Spices and Manufactures Thereof(p,r) 3(p,r) 5(p,r) 6(p,r) 276(p) 4(p,r) 115(p,r) 395
Feeding Stuff For Animals (not Including Unmilled Cereals)(p,r) 9(p,r) 31(p,r) 36(p,r) 269(p) 2(p,r) 15(p,r) 286
Miscellaneous Edible Products and Preparations(p,r) 20(p,r) 12(p,r) 12(p,r) 443(p) 7(p,r) 67(p,r) 517
[Collapse]Beverages and Tobacco(p,r) 5(p,r) 880(p,r) 73(p,r) 1,533(p,r) 10(p,r) 63(p,r) 1,606
Beverages and TobaccoBeverages(p,r) 5(p,r) 879(p,r) 73(p,r) 1,514(p,r) 10(p,r) 63(p,r) 1,586
Tobacco and Tobacco Manufactures(p) 0(p) 0(p) 0(p,r) 20(p) 0(p) 0(p,r) 20
[Collapse]Crude Materials, Inedible, excl. Fuels(p,r) 57(p,r) 121(p,r) 69(p,r) 1,548(p,r) 157(p,r) 34(p,r) 1,740
Crude Materials, Inedible, excl. FuelsHides, Skins and Furskins, Raw(p) 2(p) 4(p) 5(p,r) 33(p) 3(p) 0(p,r) 36
Oil Seeds and Oleaginous Fruits(p,r) 0(p,r) 1(p,r) 1(p,r) 28(p) 0(p) 1(p,r) 29
Crude Rubber (Including Synthetic and Reclaimed)(p,r) 0(p,r) 29(p,r) 0(p,r) 67(p) 10(p) 4(p,r) 81
Cork and Wood(p) 0(p) 3(p,r) 16(p,r) 31(p,r) 0(p) 0(p,r) 31
Pulp and Waste Paper(p) 1(p) 2(p) 0(p) 106(p,r) 38(p) 4(p,r) 147
Textile Fibres Not Manufactured and their Waste etc.(p,r) 1(p,r) 8(p,r) 10(p,r) 137(p) 28(p,r) 2(p,r) 168
Crude Fertilizers and Crude Minerals (Excluding Fuels etc.)(p,r) 1(p,r) 4(p,r) 9(p,r) 122(p) 2(p) 1(p,r) 125
Metalliferous Ores and Metal Scrap(p,r) 49(p,r) 67(p) 22(p,r) 935(p) 75(p) 13(p,r) 1,023
Crude Animal and Vegetable Materials not Elsewhere Specified(p,r) 1(p,r) 4(p,r) 4(p,r) 89(p) 1(p,r) 9(p,r) 99
[Collapse]Minerals, Fuels, Lubricants etc.(p,r) 376(p,r) 2,273(p,r) 102(p,r) 6,161(p) 3(p,r) 800(p,r) 6,965
Minerals, Fuels, Lubricants etc.Coal, Coke and Briquettes(p) 2(p) 2(p,r) 16(p,r) 28(p) 0(p,r) 0(p,r) 28
Petroleum, Petroleum Products and Related Materials(p,r) 361(p,r) 2,113(p,r) 75(p,r) 5,712(p) 1(p,r) 676(p,r) 6,389
Gas, Natural and Manufactured(p,r) 4(p,r) 158(p,r) 1(p,r) 398(p) 2(p,r) 124(p,r) 524
Electric Current(p) 9.(p) 10(p) 23(p) 1.(p) 24
[Collapse]Animal and Vegetable Oils etc.(p,r) 1(p,r) 6(p,r) 10(p,r) 112(p) 1(p,r) 20(p,r) 132
Animal and Vegetable Oils etc.Animal Oils and Fats(p,r) 0(p,r) 4(p,r) 3(p,r) 36(p) 0(p,r) 3(p,r) 40
Fixed Vegetable Fats and Oils, Crude, Refined, Fractionated(p,r) 0(p,r) 1(p,r) 6(p,r) 55(p) 0(p,r) 16(p,r) 71
Animal Or Vegetable Fats and Oils, Processed; and Waxes(p,r) 0(p,r) 0(p,r) 0(p,r) 21(p) 0(p,r) 1(p,r) 21
[Collapse]Chemicals and Related Products(p,r) 486(p,r) 611(p,r) 259(p,r) 10,815(p) 76(p,r) 3,542(p,r) 14,433
Chemicals and Related ProductsOrganic Chemicals(p,r) 57(p,r) 105(p,r) 10(p,r) 1,854(p) 4(p,r) 476(p,r) 2,334
Inorganic Chemicals(p,r) 8(p,r) 14(p,r) 1(p,r) 382(p) 0(p,r) 31(p,r) 414
Dyeing, Tanning and Colouring Materials(p,r) 23(p,r) 25(p,r) 6(p,r) 537(p) 3(p,r) 51(p,r) 590
Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Products(p,r) 161(p,r) 147(p,r) 153(p,r) 3,847(p) 20(p,r) 2,563(p,r) 6,430
Essential Oils and Perfume Materials; Toilet Preparations etc.(p,r) 33(p,r) 29(p,r) 13(p,r) 1,279(p) 31(p,r) 148(p,r) 1,458
Fertilizers (other than those of Group 272)(p,r) 3(p,r) 3(p,r) 5(p,r) 60(p) 0(p) 9(p,r) 69
Plastics In Primary Forms(p,r) 60(p,r) 65(p,r) 10(p,r) 739(p) 9(p,r) 179(p,r) 927
Plastics In Non-Primary Forms(p,r) 46(p,r) 48(p,r) 32(p,r) 725(p) 4(p,r) 20(p,r) 749
Chemical Materials and Products not Elsewhere Specified(p,r) 95(p,r) 175(p,r) 30(p,r) 1,392(p) 4(p,r) 65(p,r) 1,462
[Collapse]Manufactured Goods(p,r) 546(p,r) 497(p,r) 200(p,r) 7,554(p,r) 36(p,r) 463(p,r) 8,053
Manufactured GoodsLeather, Leather Manufactures not Elsewhere Specified and Dressed Furskins(p,r) 1(p,r) 27(p,r) 0(p,r) 68(p) 0(p) 0(p,r) 69
Rubber Manufactures not Elsewhere Specified(p,r) 33(p,r) 48(p,r) 36(p,r) 453(p) 3(p,r) 7(p,r) 463
Cork and Wood Manufactures (Excluding Furniture)(p,r) 3(p,r) 6(p,r) 14(p,r) 67(p) 1(p) 4(p,r) 71
Paper, Paperboard and Manufactures Thereof(p,r) 28(p,r) 45(p,r) 21(p,r) 507(p) 6(p,r) 42(p,r) 555
Textile Yarn, Fabrics, Made Up Articles etc.(p,r) 11(p,r) 48(p,r) 41(p,r) 710(p,r) 4(p,r) 10(p,r) 724
Non-Metallic Mineral Manufactures not Elsewhere Specified(p,r) 43(p,r) 28(p,r) 23(p,r) 751(p,r) 4(p,r) 288(p,r) 1,043
Iron and Steel(p,r) 250(p,r) 68(p,r) 14(p,r) 1,144(p) 3(p) 13(p,r) 1,160
Non-Ferrous Metals(p,r) 91(p,r) 143(p,r) 4(p,r) 2,421(p) 4(p,r) 64(p,r) 2,489
Manufactures Of Metal not Elsewhere Specified(p,r) 87(p,r) 85(p,r) 47(p,r) 1,433(p) 12(p,r) 34(p,r) 1,479
[Collapse]Machinery and Transport Equipment(p,r) 2,195(p,r) 1,800(p,r) 780(p,r) 32,841(p,r) 265(p,r) 765(p,r) 33,872
Machinery and Transport EquipmentPower Generating Machinery and Equipment(p,r) 482(p,r) 647(p,r) 78(p,r) 6,713(p,r) 20(p,r) 42(p,r) 6,774
Machinery Specialized For Particular Industries(p,r) 92(p,r) 103(p,r) 192(p,r) 1,973(p,r) 18(p,r) 51(p,r) 2,041
Metalworking Machinery(p,r) 7(p,r) 6(p) 2(p,r) 258(p) 3(p) 1(p,r) 262
General Industrial Machinery and Equipment and Machine Parts not Elsewhere Specified(p,r) 72(p,r) 281(p,r) 116(p,r) 3,239(p) 24(p,r) 128(p,r) 3,391
Office Machines and ADP Machines(p,r) 40(p,r) 112(p,r) 3(p,r) 1,284(p) 34(p,r) 50(p,r) 1,368
Telecomms and Sound Recording and Reproducing Apparatus and Equipment(p,r) 32(p,r) 91(p,r) 17(p,r) 1,462(p) 8(p,r) 30(p,r) 1,500
Electric Machinery, Apparatus and Appliances and Electric Parts Thereof not Elsewhere Specified(p,r) 186(p,r) 211(p,r) 74(p,r) 3,159(p,r) 15(p,r) 147(p,r) 3,321
Road Vehicles (Including Air Cushion Vehicles)(p,r) 151(p,r) 51(p,r) 115(p,r) 10,630(p) 77(p,r) 115(p,r) 10,822
Other Transport Equipment(p,r) 1,132(p,r) 299(p,r) 183(p,r) 4,124(p) 67(p,r) 202(p,r) 4,393
[Collapse]Miscellaneous Manufactured Goods(p,r) 321(p,r) 447(p,r) 300(p,r) 10,992(p,r) 229(p,r) 476(p,r) 11,697
Miscellaneous Manufactured GoodsPrefabricated Buildings; Sanitation , Plumbing, Heating and Lighting Fixtures(p,r) 9(p,r) 15(p,r) 9(p,r) 238(p) 5(p,r) 6(p,r) 249
Furniture and Parts Thereof; Bedding and Mattresses etc.(p,r) 52(p,r) 8(p,r) 123(p,r) 534(p) 11(p,r) 17(p,r) 562
Travel Goods, Handbags and Similar Containers(p,r) 3(p,r) 5(p,r) 2(p,r) 166(p) 1(p,r) 10(p,r) 177
Articles Of Apparel and Clothing Accessories(p,r) 28(p,r) 77(p,r) 30(p,r) 1,557(p,r) 13(p,r) 92(p,r) 1,661
Footwear(p,r) 8(p,r) 16(p,r) 6(p,r) 436(p) 1(p,r) 7(p,r) 445
Professional, Scientific and Controlling Ins and Apparatus not Elsewhere Specified(p,r) 94(p,r) 171(p,r) 76(p,r) 2,400(p) 11(p,r) 107(p,r) 2,518
Photographic and Optical Goods not Elsewhere Specified; Watches and Clocks(p,r) 14(p,r) 11(p,r) 3(p,r) 561(p) 4(p,r) 13(p,r) 578
Miscellaneous Manufactured Articles not Elsewhere Specified(p,r) 113(p,r) 143(p,r) 51(p,r) 5,101(p,r) 183(p,r) 223(p,r) 5,508
[Collapse]Commodities not Classified Elsewhere(p,r) 18(p,r) 8(p,r) 5(p,r) 265(p) 1,305(p,r) 75(p,r) 1,646
Commodities not Classified ElsewherePostal packages not classified according to kind.....(p) 72(p) 72
Special transactions and commodities not classified according to kind(p,r) 17(p,r) 7(p,r) 5(p,r) 232(p) 1,305(p,r) 2(p,r) 1,539
Coin (other than gold coin), not being of legal tender(p,r) 0(p) 0(p) 0(p,r) 2(p) 1(p) 0(p,r) 3
Gold, non-monetory (exc gold ores and contentrates) and gold coin not of legal tender.......
Military arms and ammunition(p) 0(p,r) 1(p) 0(p,r) 31(p) 0(p) 1(p,r) 32


Value of exports to destinations outside the UK by product type and UK country/English region (£m)

Last update
6 September 2018 6 September 2018

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December 2018

Publishing organisation
Welsh Government

Source 1
Statistics and Analysis of Trade Unit, HM Revenue and Customs

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National Statistics

Lowest level of geographical disaggregation
UK regions

Geographical coverage
UK regions

Languages covered
English and Welsh

Data licensing
You may use and re-use this data free of charge in any format or medium, under the terms of the Open Government License - see

General description
This dataset gives detailed aggregates from the Regional Trade in Goods statistics provided to the Welsh Assembly Government by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). Data are given for the value of exports in millions of pounds to destinations outside the UK from each UK region by product type (or sector).

Data collection and calculation
In all cases, the figures relate to goods that are exported to destinations outside the UK. This means that exports from Wales to other parts of the UK are not included and there is no element included for components produced in one region when the final product is completed in and then exported from another part of the UK. These figures also do not contain any information on the import or export of services such as banking or tourism.

Frequency of publication

Data reference periods
1996 to 2018

Rounding applied
Figures are rounded to the nearest million pounds and so there may be some apparent discrepancies between the sum of constituent items and the totals as shown.

Revisions information
Data for previous periods are routinely updated to take account of late submissions to HMRC and on-going validation procedures. Data for the current calendar year may be revised at any time, while data for the previous calendar year may be revised up until the second quarter figures for the current calendar year are published.

From 1st May 2016, there was a methodological change to the way the Non-EU trade-in-goods statistics are compiled. Following a change in legislation, the Non-EU trade-in-goods statistics have changed from the ‘General Trade’ system of compilation to the ‘Special Trade’ system.
For further information on the differences between General and Special Trade, please see the HMRC Methodology Paper for Overseas Trade Statistics.

6/12/2016 - The data from 2013 Q1 has been revised due the implementation of a new methodology. The methodological changes are outlined in the technical documentation in the web links.

Statistical quality
Data are taken from Customs declarations submitted for trade with countries outside the European Union, and from the Intrastat system for export figures with countries in the EU. Exports are allocated to a region by the postcode associated with a company’s VAT registration. Some adjustments have been necessary for exports to the EU, to ensure that manufacturing that takes place at branch premises is properly allocated to the region where the branch is situated. Exports to countries outside the EU already contain a regional coding.
Certain goods, such as North Sea crude oil, ships and aircraft stores, and those not in free circulation, that are shipped to EU countries using traditional Customs declarations, are not allocated to a UK region. Exports falling into these categories are included against the unknown region heading. Thus there are two UK totals, one defined as the sum of the twelve UK regions for comparison with the figures for individual regions and one which also includes the unknown region data giving the total figures for the UK as a whole.
However, certain categories of exports are excluded from this overall UK total which means that it is not possible to fully reconcile these figures with the separate quarterly estimates for UK trade also published by HMRC. These categories relate to overseas companies registered for VAT in the UK, but with no place of business in the UK, exports from the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, and exports to countries outside the EU where the VAT registration numbers have not been properly declared.

exports; product type; Value of exports