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Data Provider: Welsh Government National Statistics Motoring offenders proceedings by outcome, court type and year
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[Collapse]All Courts47,16165,07557,66854,72150,76243,27940,69043,934
All CourtsCrown Court[Collapse]All Outcomes295306317272212243228261
All OutcomesProceedings terminated early........
Discharged at committal proceedings........
Dismissed (found not guilty after summary trial)........
Not Tried (CC)..11...2
Acquitted (CC)141222912132015
Committed for trial........
Found guilty281294294262200230208244
Magistrates' Court[Collapse]All Outcomes46,86664,76957,35154,44950,55043,03640,46243,673
All OutcomesProceedings terminated early3,8296,3767,4176,7125,8975,5505,6786,405
Discharged at committal proceedings....1382
Dismissed (found not guilty after summary trial)322457314386454442433495
Not Tried (CC)........
Acquitted (CC)........
Committed for trial117141147166111112107121
Found guilty42,59857,79549,47347,18544,08736,92934,23636,650


Motoring Offenders proceedings by court type, motoring offence group, age band, sex and outcome in Wales

Last update
05 December 2018 05 December 2018

Next update
December 2019 (Provisional)

Publishing organisation
Welsh Government

National Statistics

Lowest level of geographical disaggregation
Police authorities

Geographical coverage
England and Wales

Languages covered
English and Welsh

Data licensing
You may use and re-use this data free of charge in any format or medium, under the terms of the Open Government License - see

General description
This annual statistical bulletin contains data relating to motoring offences on:
• Court proceedings against motoring offenders (2006 – 2017)
• Civil parking enforcements, carried out by local authorities, are not covered in this bulletin.

Equivalent data for England can be found at the links for the Home Office and the Ministry of Justice in section 2 below. Transport Scotland publish the number of motor vehicle offences recorded by the police by type of offence in the ‘Road Transport Vehicles’ chapter of the compendium publication titled “Scottish Transport Statistics”: ( The Scottish Government publishes the number of people proceeded against in court for motor vehicle offences in the Statistical Bulletin titled “Criminal Proceedings in Scotland”: (
The Police Service of Northern Ireland produces statistics on fixed penalty notices: ( The Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunals Service publish the number of defendants disposed of in the magistrates’ courts for motoring offences: (

Data collection and calculation
Data Source
The information on court proceedings reproduces the statistics compiled by the Ministry of Justice in their criminal justice series (

The coverage in ‘Police Powers and Procedures’ includes the use of police powers to issue fixed penalty notices for motoring offences. This is broken down by offence type and how they were dealt with (eg. penalty paid or fine registered at court). The data presented are drawn from returns from police forces in England and Wales. The figures also include notices issued by police employed traffic wardens for parking offences. It should be stressed here that most traffic wardens are now employed by local authorities, and their activities are not covered here.
Below is a list of the local authorities in Wales who have taken over the responsibility for parking enforcement and when this occurred:

Neath Port Talbot - 1 June 1999
Carmarthenshire - 1 June 1999
Denbighshire - 1 July 2004
Conwy - 1 Sept 2006
Gwynedd - 1 April 2007
Isle of Anglesey - 1 April 2007
Wrexham - 1 March 2008
Swansea - 1 Sept 2008
Cardiff - 5 July 2010
Pembrokeshire - 1 Feb 2011
Powys - 1 April 2011
Merthyr Tydfil - 11 Jan 2012
Ceredigion - 4 June 2012
Rhondda Cynon Taff - 1 Aug 2012
Bridgend - 1 April 2013
Vale of Glamorgan - 1 April 2013
Flintshire - 1 Oct 2013

Statistics on Vehicle Defect Rectification notices for motoring offences no longer appear in this bulletin as they were withdrawn from 2009.

Frequency of publication

Data reference periods
2006 to 2017

Rounding applied
No rounding has been applied to the data. For entries where there are no data "*" .

Revisions information
This data is revised annually.

Statistical quality
The statistics are used both within and outside the Welsh Government to monitor trends in driving offences and as a baseline for further analysis. Breath test statistics are used to measure the effectiveness of drink–drive campaigns by police forces.

Timeliness and Punctuality
The statistics on court proceedings relate to cases in the magistrates’ courts in Wales during 12 months ending December 2016

Motoring offenders statistical release:

Motoring Offenders, Court Type, Motoring Offence Group, Age Band, Sex, Outcome