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Data Provider: Welsh Government Experimental Statistics Population by area, ethnicity and gender
PeriodThe estimates are based on 30th June in the year in question.[Filtered]
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AreaData may not be available for all geographical levels.[Filtered]
[Collapse]Ethnic GroupFor the purpose of the estimates:<br /><br />• Ethnic group is self-assigned<br />• The classification used is the 16-way classification adopted in the 2001 census<br />• A person\’s ethnic group can change over time<br />• Description of ethnic group can change in different contexts. <br /><br />Reliance on the census data in the modelling process has the de facto effect that the estimates will accord with the context of the census – in particular, this will reflect any effect due to proxy responses by the form-filler on behalf of another household member.<br /><br />White:  White British, White Irish and White Other.<br />Mixed:  White and Black Caribbean, White and Black African, White and Black Asian and Other Mixed.<br />Asian or Asian British:  Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Other Asian.<br />Black or Black British:  Black Caribbean, Black African and Black Other.<br />Other Ethnic Group includes Chinese and Other Ethnic Group.[Filter]
Ethnic Group 1
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[Collapse]Wales[Collapse]All GroupsAll Groups2,910,2001,408,7001,501,600
WhiteWhite: British2,793,2001,350,9001,442,300
White: Irish17,7008,5009,200
White: Other White37,40018,00019,400
MixedMixed: White and Black Caribbean6,0002,9003,100
Mixed: White and Black African2,4001,2001,300
Mixed: White and Asian5,0002,6002,500
Mixed: Other Mixed4,3002,2002,100
[Collapse]Asian or Asian British25,60013,40012,300
Asian or Asian BritishAsian or Asian British: Indian8,3004,3004,100
Asian or Asian British: Pakistani8,4004,3004,100
Asian or Asian British: Bangladeshi5,4002,8002,600
Asian or Asian British: Other Asian3,5002,0001,500
[Collapse]Black or Black British7,1003,7003,400
Black or Black BritishBlack or Black British: Black Caribbean2,6001,4001,200
Black or Black British: Black African3,8001,9001,800
Black or Black British: Other Black700400400
[Collapse]Other Ethnic Group11,5005,3006,000
Other Ethnic GroupChinese or Other Ethnic Group: Chinese6,3003,1003,100
Chinese or Other Ethnic Group: Other5,2002,2002,900


Population Estimates by Ethnic Group, gender and local authority

Knowledge and Analytical Services, Welsh Government

Was added to StatsWales: February 2010.
Last update: May 2011
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Important Note on the Reliability of Estimates for Subnational Areas

These estimates are experimental statistics and should therefore be used with appropriate caution and awareness of their limitations. Users are advised to be cautious in interpreting estimates for subnational areas, particularly in areas with high internal migration flows. For further information please see:

2002-2007 population estimates by ethnic group were revised on May 18th 2011 by the Office of National Statistics. These revisions were due to methodological improvements.

Figures are rounded to the nearest hundred and, as such, any zeros may not be true zeros.
Figures may not add exactly due to rounding.

Population Estimates by ethnic group are experimental statistics. This means that they have not yet been shown to meet the quality criteria for National Statistics, but are being published to involve users in the development of the methodology and to help build quality at an early stage.

Population estimates by ethnic group for Wales are produced by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) using a cohort component method. This requires the estimation of the base population, ageing the population on, adding births, subtracting deaths and adjusting for migration. Usual residents away from home temporarily are included, but visitors are excluded. Students are counted at their term-time address.
It should also be noted that the UN definition of an international migrant is used – those changing country of residence for a period of at least 12 months. Short-term migrants (e.g. migrant workers from Eastern European countries) are not counted in the population estimates.
Adjustments are also made for some special population groups - armed forces, prisoners and pupils in boarding schools. These populations have specific age structures, which remain fairly constant over time. Therefore these groups are not aged-on with the rest of the population.

The base population used is the 2001 census count by single year of age, sex and ethnic group. Differences in fertility between ethnic groups and differences in propensities to migrate for each ethnic
group are also estimated from the 2001 census. Estimates of international migration combine census information on country of birth and ethnic group with other data (e.g. the International Passenger
Survey) on country of birth or nationality of the migrant for the year in question.
Consideration is given to the modelling of the ethnic dimension of mortality, fertility (and the allocation of ethnic group to infants), switching between ethnic group categories, and the various aspects of migration, with particular attention given to the application of specially commissioned census data.
Data is constrained to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) national and local mid-year population estimates.