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Data Provider: Welsh Government Experimental Statistics Population estimates by ethnicity and year
AreaData may not be available for all geographical levels.[Filtered]
GenderPeople<br />Males<br />Females[Filtered]
PeriodThe estimates are based on 30th June in the year in question.[Filter]
[Collapse]Ethnic GroupFor the purpose of the estimates:<br /><br />• Ethnic group is self-assigned<br />• The classification used is the 16-way classification adopted in the 2001 census<br />• A person\’s ethnic group can change over time<br />• Description of ethnic group can change in different contexts. <br /><br />Reliance on the census data in the modelling process has the de facto effect that the estimates will accord with the context of the census – in particular, this will reflect any effect due to proxy responses by the form-filler on behalf of another household member.<br /><br />White:  White British, White Irish and White Other.<br />Mixed:  White and Black Caribbean, White and Black African, White and Black Asian and Other Mixed.<br />Asian or Asian British:  Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Other Asian.<br />Black or Black British:  Black Caribbean, Black African and Black Other.<br />Other Ethnic Group includes Chinese and Other Ethnic Group.[Filter]
Ethnic Group 1
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[Expand]All Groups2,910,2002,918,2002,928,8002,943,5002,950,1002,961,9002,976,1002,990,1002,999,300
[Expand]Asian or Asian British25,60028,10031,10034,50037,90041,20045,20048,90052,700
[Expand]Black or Black British7,1008,2009,90011,60013,00014,40015,80017,20018,600
[Expand]Other Ethnic Group11,50012,70014,20015,50016,90018,20019,70021,20022,600


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