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Data Provider: Welsh Government National Statistics Indicator Data by Communities First Areas - All Domains
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[Collapse]Wales3221.2,074.41,203.1(r) 11.017169712.53115.84...1.041.690.520.970.753.46..
Wales[Collapse]All Communities First ClustersBlaenau Gwent - Ebbw Fawr5535.2,663.21,305.2(r) 13.116661315.4987.30...
Blaenau Gwent - North Ebbw Fach4832.2,319.91,213.1(r) 11.016564318.2284.49...1.621.930.751.751.345.98..
Blaenau Gwent - South Ebbw Fach4835.2,418.71,185.9(r) 14.316563818.9077.65...1.492.270.721.781.715.39..
Blaenau Gwent - Tredegar5842.2,731.41,352.9(r) 14.116866616.3584.58...1.582.971.152.612.488.52..
Bridgend - Lower5335.2,546.31,298.4(r) 12.616665116.2792.94...1.143.490.641.430.674.47..
Bridgend - Mid5032.3,304.41,272.2(r) 10.516562317.6680.02...0.571.740.310.840.912.56..
Bridgend - Upper5940.2,856.11,311.2(r) 11.716467116.5394.17...1.731.800.701.332.122.53..
Caerphilly - Basin6139.2,605.81,415.7(r) 11.616359721.4567.13...
Caerphilly - Mid Valleys East4328.2,488.11,264.1(r) 13.016965215.8095.33...1.181.650.441.241.014.30..
Caerphilly - Mid Valleys West4734.2,499.21,243.9(r) 11.616965019.6684.87...
Caerphilly - Upper Rhymney Valley5541.2,764.11,240.8(r) 15.316863020.8986.90...1.592.371.111.581.725.58..
Cardiff - BRG5729.2,651.31,323.9(r) 13.316467112.9890.95...0.902.450.941.130.705.20..
Cardiff - East6634.2,369.41,368.3(r) 12.016556423.2667.12...1.442.890.791.501.264.63..
Cardiff - STAR5831.3,117.91,424.4(r) 13.215964018.0996.51...1.643.611.851.631.095.51..
Cardiff - West7843.2,697.41,345.6(r) 13.116363020.4068.05...1.673.350.741.610.906.17..
Carmarthenshire5336.2,617.71,312.0(r) 10.716768719.6096.23...0.961.810.241.420.827.65..
Denbighshire - Rhyl and Upper Denbigh8855.4,581.41,560.4(r) 17.616363126.5267.15...1.296.570.582.750.8910.82..
Flintshire - East5532.2,691.31,436.4(r) 11.516165120.1184.74...1.502.880.402.080.836.66..
Flintshire - West5330.2,650.31,461.1(r) 13.716565024.4982.21...2.282.810.772.641.086.30..
Gwynedd5833.2,338.71,274.4(r) 11.716666720.1578.89...1.002.650.381.730.775.09..
Isle of Anglesey5936.2,288.61,296.3(r) 15.316968417.8987.24...1.003.370.251.770.645.66..
Merthyr Tydfil - Central5136.2,619.71,289.3(r) 12.516968415.3795.79...1.293.591.171.561.485.85..
Merthyr Tydfil - Northern6542.2,646.91,386.0(r) 17.116266121.4576.27...1.472.861.071.801.944.25..
Merthyr Tydfil - Southern4130.2,611.21,338.4(r) 12.216767913.9794.31...0.881.680.621.011.733.50..
Neath Port Talbot - Afan Valley5336.2,651.91,263.8(r) 10.816368916.9488.27...0.851.390.410.771.701.88..
Neath Port Talbot - Neath Town6143.2,429.71,198.1(r) 10.916370016.5194.89...1.172.790.681.130.854.00..
Neath Port Talbot - Sandfields Aberavon6544.2,610.31,392.6(r) 13.816167923.5886.92...1.912.580.471.511.294.30..
Neath Port Talbot - Western Valleys4130.2,245.21,147.4(r) 9.516670812.24105.35...0.791.580.400.791.442.76..
Newport - Central6638.3,060.31,491.7(r) 16.916362724.9483.98...2.698.312.233.162.1017.75..
Newport - East6333.2,288.61,337.4(r) 13.416861227.7081.73...1.692.540.712.551.918.82..
Newport - North6742.2,481.61,323.3(r) 14.016862919.7568.55...1.332.730.681.731.857.43..
Newport - West5328.2,142.91,309.0(r) 10.916762622.2381.68...1.522.140.621.881.715.66..
Pembrokeshire6439.2,703.91,334.9(r) 14.416565225.9873.35...0.832.140.321.910.708.07..
Rhondda Cynon Taf - Lower Cynon6040.2,700.71,288.7(r) 17.216665123.0080.46...0.972.360.311.121.713.18..
Rhondda Cynon Taf - Pontypridd6039.2,522.61,393.614.116366522.2173.17...0.802.350.
Rhondda Cynon Taf - Porth4733.2,414.81,187.915.616766215.39100.61...0.841.760.410.870.842.26..
Rhondda Cynon Taf - Taf West4733.2,510.51,241.513.316868816.1895.44...1.001.990.451.071.122.74..
Rhondda Cynon Taf - Upper Cynon5939.2,507.31,346.3(r) 13.816665717.9986.79...1.132.570.441.361.243.69..
Rhondda Cynon Taf - Upper Rhondda Fach6446.2,520.31,378.4(r) 18.516370418.9489.01...1.392.770.471.491.803.50..
Rhondda Cynon Taf - Upper Rhondda Fawr5339.2,722.31,285.9(r) 13.016369913.2194.10...0.862.320.390.961.553.37..
Rhonnda Cynon Taf - Mid Rhondda4833.2,490.61,230.5(r) 15.216868416.1087.43...
Swansea - East5532.2,528.41,329.1(r) 12.716869216.0286.87...0.832.320.611.081.823.75..
Swansea - North East6240.2,631.21,391.5(r) 11.016863721.1786.37...1.552.980.781.771.034.34..
Swansea - North West7141.2,653.11,395.7(r) 13.716165325.2375.38...1.323.000.771.691.814.14..
Swansea - South5235.2,332.41,317.7(r) 11.716770312.65114.86...1.207.342.001.751.4411.09..
Swansea - West7847.3,016.61,389.4(r) 13.716365825.4983.98...1.302.690.741.521.144.00..
Torfaen - North5636.2,451.91,352.7(r) 14.316662222.4482.41...1.841.830.811.771.315.26..
Torfaen - South5636.2,643.51,282.4(r) 13.517163516.2881.09...1.813.470.872.091.2311.43..
Vale of Glamorgan6138.2,650.61,305.7(r) 12.416765821.3172.24...
Wrexham - Caia Park and Hightown5730.2,613.81,289.3(r) 15.016260721.2471.37...3.443.980.873.501.717.92..
Wrexham - Urban Villages5229.2,577.41,359.4(r) 14.116664519.3676.22...1.582.210.401.880.795.30..
[Collapse]Non-Communities First Areas (1 April 2013)Non-Communities First Areas (1 April 2013)2416.1,944.71,173.8(r) 10.01747139.84127.34...0.941.330.460.760.592.80..


WIMD Indicator Data - Communities First

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Welsh Government

Source 1
Information on the sources of each WIMD indicator can be found in the WIMD 2014 Technical report and WIMD: A guide to analysing indicator data. Links to these can be found in the weblinks tab

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National Statistics

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Lower-layer super output areas

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Languages covered
English and Welsh

Data licensing
You may use and re-use this data free of charge in any format or medium, under the terms of the Open Government License - see

General description
The data here is for the underlying indicators that feed into the Welsh Index of Multiple Deprivation (WIMD).
WIMD is the Welsh Government’s official measure of relative deprivation for small areas in Wales. It is designed to identify small areas where there are the highest concentrations of several different types of deprivation.
The full index is only updated every 4 to 5 years but many of the indicators are updated in the interim period and some are updated annually. It is not possible to update all the indicators every year which is why you may have some blanks when you select different years.

All indicators are available down to Lower Super Output Area level. This is a geography that is built from census data – it aims to outline small areas with a population between 1,000 and 3,000 people. However, on this page the data only goes down to Communities First level.

Data collection and calculation
There are various different methods for the different indicators – please see the WIMD 2014 Technical Report on the weblinks tab for more information.

Data reference periods
The reference periods differ across the indicators - please see WIMD: A guide to analysing indicator data on the weblinks tab for more information.

Users, uses and context
Please see the WIMD 2014 Publication on the weblinks tab for more information on users and uses and context.

Rounding applied
Please see WIMD: A guide to analysing indicator data on the weblinks tab for more information on rounding and disclosure control.

Revisions information
There were some small revisions made to the 2014 employment data in May 2015 and to the 2014 income data in August 2015. In August 2018 a revision was made to 2017 Low Birth Weight data due to an error in the source data originally provided to us by a third party. This revision has led to a reduction in the percentage of low birth weights for some areas in the 2017 data.

Statistical quality
For the information relating to statistical quality please see the WIMD 2014 Technical Report and the WIMD 2014 Publication on the weblinks tab.

WIMD 2014; Multiple Deprivation; Deprivation; Social Inclusion; Indicators; CF; Communities First; Income; Employment; Health; Education; Community Safety; Housing; Physical Environment; Access to Services