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Data Provider: Welsh Government National Statistics All crops on a farm
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[Expand]Size - Turnover(€000s)1,002,374310,808121,47990,18464,78197,1671,686,793
[Expand]Size - Profit(€000s)440,079158,54163,29747,77536,59750,881797,171
[Expand]Size - FTE Labour22,8806,8032,1791,4498271,01635,154
[Collapse]Land on a farm (ha)1,089,483301,78794,67265,64537,13242,6451,631,364
Land on a farm (ha)[Expand]Permanent Grass762,511184,09948,54430,39413,657(2) 8,7101,047,916
[Expand]Rough Grazing197,52640,988(2) 11,387(2) 5,855(1) 554(1) 746257,055
[Expand]New Grass73,63841,67916,18511,3375,849(2) 3,881152,571
[Expand]Woods and others55,80719,3225,1802,978(2) 1,628(2) 2,18087,094
[Collapse]All crops(1) 015,69913,37615,08115,444(2) 27,12786,728
All cropsCereals(1) 06,2136,7328,5299,171(2) 17,65748,302
Stockfeed(1) 07,7115,6144,645(2) 3,297(1) 3,28924,557
Other Crops(1) 01,776(2) 1,029(2) 1,907(2) 2,976(2) 6,18013,869
[Collapse]All cattle631,805231,64596,36673,104(2) 40,918(1) 28,9301,102,768
All cattle[Expand]Dairy Cows123,44244,75425,15818,358(2) 12,851(1) 9,742234,305
[Expand]Beef Cows111,83636,34810,2585,824(1) 2,388(1) 1,145167,799
[Expand]Other cattle396,527150,54360,95048,922(2) 25,679(1) 18,043700,664
[Expand]Sheep6,811,3341,990,791523,295265,355(1) 65,592(1) 82,5049,738,871
[Expand]Poultry8,279,149408,499(2) 5,321(1) 79,788(1) 78,771(1) 145,6728,997,200
[Expand]Pigs24,4961,761(1) 289(1) 1,708(1) 100(1) 928,363


Area of all crops 2014

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July 2017 July 2017

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to be determined following user feedback

Publishing organisation
Welsh Government

Source 1
June Census of Agriculture and Horticulture, Welsh Government

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National Statistics

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Languages covered
English and Welsh

Data licensing
You may use and re-use this data free of charge in any format or medium, under the terms of the Open Government License - see

General description
Key measures of agricultural land use and amounts of livestock kept by the size of farms as determined by their Standard Output (a proxy measure of turnover)

Data reference periods
June 2014

Statistical quality
Please find this information in the related statistical release, as per the given weblink.

agriculture; farming; crops