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Data Provider: Welsh Government National Statistics Number of booster immunisation courses by Local Health Board, type of immunisation and age
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[Collapse]AreaLocal authority area, Local Health Board, Wales, based on residential postcode of child. Wales totals include \'not known\' records, where postcode and therefore LHB are not known; LHBs do not sum to Wales.[Filter]
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Click here to sortDiphtheriaClick here to sortTetanusClick here to sortPertussisWhooping coughClick here to sortPolioClick here to sortMMRMeasles, mumps and rubellaClick here to sortPneumococcalPneumococcal conjugate vaccine. Introduced September 2006.Click here to sortHib/Meningitis CHaemophilus influenzae type b / Meningitis CClick here to sortMeningitis C AdolescentMeningitis C Adolescent Booster: introduced for age 13-14 years (school year 9), depending on current local arrangements, given at the same time as the Td/IPV vaccine (from 1 September 2013 for academic year 2013/14)Click here to sortMeningitis ACWY AdolescentMeningitis ACWY Adolescent Booster: Introduced to all 17 and 18 year-olds and first-time university students up to the age of 25 from August 2015. The vaccine will also be added to the routine adolescent schools programme (school year 9 or 10), alongside the 3-in-1 teenage booster, and as a direct replacement for the Meningitis C Adolescent Booster vaccination.
Wales[Collapse]Betsi Cadwaladr University LHB10,71110,7116,7156,7146,8025,9896,181.The data item is not applicable4,125
Betsi Cadwaladr University LHBIsle of Anglesey972972670670684552574.The data item is not applicable314
Gwynedd1,5981,5981,0941,0941,1079861,019.The data item is not applicable493
Conwy1,7511,7511,0061,0061,0119621,010.The data item is not applicable774
Denbighshire1,5131,513929928948908929.The data item is not applicable665
Flintshire2,9172,9171,5441,5441,5741,3051,336.The data item is not applicable1,392
Wrexham1,9601,9601,4721,4721,4781,2761,313.The data item is not applicable487
[Collapse]Powys Teaching LHBPowys1,1811,1811,1351,1351,120962976.The data item is not applicable43
[Collapse]Hywel Dda LHB4,7274,7273,2933,2943,3282,9483,051.The data item is not applicable1,436
Hywel Dda LHBCeredigion709709522522525470483.The data item is not applicable189
Pembrokeshire1,8701,8701,1091,1101,127953996.The data item is not applicable762
Carmarthenshire2,1482,1481,6621,6621,6761,5251,572.The data item is not applicable485
[Expand]Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University LHB.The data item is not applicable.The data item is not applicable.The data item is not applicable.The data item is not applicable.The data item is not applicable.The data item is not applicable.The data item is not applicable.The data item is not applicable.The data item is not applicable
[Collapse]Swansea Bay LHB5,3925,3923,6853,6853,6803,2983,389.The data item is not applicable1,729
Swansea Bay LHBSwansea3,1353,1352,2842,2842,2862,1022,178.The data item is not applicable867
Neath Port Talbot2,2572,2571,4011,4011,3941,1961,211.The data item is not applicable862
[Collapse]Cardiff and Vale University LHB9,7909,7905,0985,0985,1774,4694,741.The data item is not applicable4,715
Cardiff and Vale University LHBVale of Glamorgan2,7752,7751,4551,4551,4631,1281,170.The data item is not applicable1,330
Cardiff7,0157,0153,6433,6433,7143,3413,571.The data item is not applicable3,385
[Expand]Cwm Taf LHB.The data item is not applicable.The data item is not applicable.The data item is not applicable.The data item is not applicable.The data item is not applicable.The data item is not applicable.The data item is not applicable.The data item is not applicable.The data item is not applicable
[Collapse]Cwm Taf Morgannwg LHB5,1025,1024,5464,5474,5724,1534,2042548
Cwm Taf Morgannwg LHBBridgend1,6231,6231,4611,4611,4691,2621,289.The data item is not applicable158
Rhondda Cynon Taf2,8112,8112,4382,4382,4572,3092,3252369
Merthyr Tydfil668668647648646582590.The data item is not applicable21
[Collapse]Aneurin Bevan LHB8,3178,3176,3216,3216,3075,8105,881.The data item is not applicable2,019
Aneurin Bevan LHBCaerphilly2,5162,5161,9201,9201,9161,7281,751.The data item is not applicable595
Blaenau Gwent811811708708709724724.The data item is not applicable119
Torfaen1,6001,600985985979911918.The data item is not applicable624
Monmouthshire968968792792786695702.The data item is not applicable172
Newport2,4222,4221,9161,9161,9171,7521,786.The data item is not applicable509
[Collapse]Not knownNot known61614545445757.The data item is not applicable18


General description

Booster courses of immunisation by age

Data collection and calculation

Source: Prior to 1998-99 source of data was KC51 annual return; 2003-04 annual COVER data used derived from NHS Trust Child Health System databases; subsequently source is National Community Child Health Database (NCCHD).

From 1st April 2019 health service provision for residents of Bridgend local authority moved from Abertawe Bro Morgannwg to Cwm Taf. The health board names have changed with Cwm Taf University health board becoming Cwm Taf Morgannwg University health board and Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University health board becoming Swansea Bay health board.

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2009-10 onwards


Booster courses received by age

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November 2022

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Welsh Government

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