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Data Provider: Welsh Government Calls handled by fire control watch FTE by call type and financial year
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Total number of calls handled by fire control95,35589,14599,48097,45884,94684,81892,58176,74064,68271,63161,99972,06467,63670,48980,114
Total number of malicious false alarms.4,8714,8234,7084,2193,4733,2063,0242,7062,0011,6311,3571,213970936
Malicious false alarm not attended because call was challenged.1,2541,1851,2751,1169128909551,025440352233234210223
Malicious false alarm not attended other reason.1,9431,9421,8841,6891,5981,4751,262979905661556524399335
Malicious false alarm was attended.1,6741,6961,5491,414963841807702656618568455361378
Total number of false automatic alarm (AFA) calls..12,81412,47012,39512,68212,34512,43812,79111,64812,15212,49313,57612,42813,130
False automatic alarm (AFA) calls not attended by Fire and Rescue Service..3413545421,5372,0692,4162,6211,8442,0183,0813,5033,6515,033
False automatic alarm (AFA) calls attended by Fire and Rescue Service..12,47312,11611,85311,14510,27610,02210,1709,80410,1349,41210,0738,7778,097
False Alarms Due to Automatic Fire Alarms (due to apparatus) (i) Number of false alarms attended in non domestic properties caused by automatic fire alarms (AFAs)..8,8938,7947,8417,7577,0866,9026,9516,4366,6355,7336,1215,4194,993
False Alarms Due to Automatic Fire Alarms (due to apparatus) (ii) Number of non domestic properties with more than 1 automatic fire alarm (AFA) attendance since 1 April..689672554622460534541471454291312294275
False Alarms Due to Automatic Fire Alarms (due to apparatus) (iii) Number of automatic fire alarms (AFAs) attended which are to a non domestic property with more than 1 attendance since 1 April..3,5733,3012,6542,8881,8932,2352,1761,8031,7821,1871,3861,3081,212


Calls handled by fire control watch personnel in Fire and Rescue services in Wales

Last update
19 September 2019 19 September 2019

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September 2020

Publishing organisation
Welsh Government

Source 1
Fire service operational data collection, Welsh Government

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Fire and rescue authorities

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Languages covered
English and Welsh

Data licensing
You may use and re-use this data free of charge in any format or medium, under the terms of the Open Government License - see

General description
This dataset shows the number and type of calls received by the fire control watch personnel in each Fire and Rescue Service in Wales.

Data collection and calculation
The data are collected annually by the Welsh Government from all three fire and rescue services in Wales. See weblinks for forms and guidance.

Frequency of publication

Data reference periods
Financial years from 2004-05

Users, uses and context
See the data quality report in the weblinks.

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Revisions information
Historic data are revised periodically, for example if in a given year, a comparison with a previous year reveals an error. Revisions are shown with an (r).

Statistical quality
See the data quality report in the weblinks.

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